“The Five” Rips into John Fetterman’s Bold Move: Senate’s Dress Code Abolished! Experience the Explosive Backlash from the Hosts!


John Fetterman Causes Chaos by Showing Up in Casual Clothes to Work

In a surprising move, Pennsylvania lawmaker John Fetterman has caused chaos by showing up to work in casual clothes, leading to the removal of the dress code for the Senate floor. This decision has not been well-received by the hosts of the popular Fox News talk show ‘The Five’.

The announcement of the dress code removal has raised questions about the maintenance of a formal environment in the office and the two-tiered system that discriminates against non-senators working on the Senate floor.

‘The Five’ Hosts Express Concern over Dress Code Removal

During a recent episode of ‘The Five’, host Dana Perino highlighted the disparity between senators and other staff members when it comes to the dress code. While senators are now allowed to wear whatever they want, other staff members are still expected to adhere to “business attire”. The announcement was made by Majority Leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

Judge Jeanine Pirro also voiced her agreement with Perino, criticizing the fact that staff members, who barely make a living, now have to spend money on fancy clothes while senators have freedom in their attire.

Perino speculated that the dress code might be reinstated once Republicans take over the Senate.

Greg Gutfeld Jokes that Dress Code Removal is ‘Good for Women’

During the discussion on ‘The Five’, panel comedian Greg Gutfeld provided his take on the issue. He humorously suggested that the dress code removal might actually benefit women in particular. Gutfeld expressed his belief that women often have limited choices for business attire, comparing their outfits to those worn by captains on a cruise ship. He also commented that men need the discipline of a dress code to avoid slobbery in their attire, jokingly adding that he would be in a mesh half-shirt and sweatpants if there were no standards.

Gutfeld’s comments sparked a conversation about gender differences in dress choices and the potential for women to have more options if given the opportunity.

Overall, the decision to remove the dress code for the Senate floor has stirred controversy and debate. While some argue that it provides freedom of expression and breaks down unnecessary formality, others raise concerns about maintaining a professional environment and ensuring equal treatment for all staff members.


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