The heartfelt meaning behind Love Island star Andrew Le Page’s geometric wolf tattoo

According to the tattoo enthusiast website Tatring, Andrew Le Page of Love Island’s tattoo symbolizes love and family ties.

The current couple with Tasha Ghouri’s first-day contestant received his first tattoo on his forearm in 2017.

Andrew’s tattoo has a deep meaning that may reveal more about his character, even though it isn’t as noticeable as fishmonger Luca Bish’s extensive body art.

According to research, the geometric wolf tattoo Andrew has has several hidden messages.

Those who choose a tattoo of a wolf might want to emphasize their close family ties, according to Tatring, a website where enthusiasts share their knowledge of body art.

The tattoo represents family

(Image: instagram.com/andrewlepage)

Tatring explains that because wolves hunt and live in packs, they have survived. Wolves are strongly associated with families.

They have a territorial advantage over other predators thanks to the pack as well. Because they are lifelong partners, wolves will only mate with one partner while they are both still alive. So, a wolf tattoo may represent strong family ties.

A wolf tattoo may represent love and protection, according to the website.

The inking can also represent love and protection

(Image: instagram.com/andrewlepage)

Fans have questioned Andrew and Tasha’s relationship, but things seem to be improving for the couple, who were the first to spend a night together in the hideaway.

However, the islanders learned on Monday night’s episode (June 20) that viewers had been voting for their favorite contestants, and on tonight’s episode (June 21), one boy and one girl will be ejected from the island.

Andrew is partnered with Tasha

Bоth Andrew and Tasha initially thоught they were safe because they saw themselves at the bоttоm with Jay Yоunger, Amber Beckfоrd, Ikenna Ekwоnna, Ekin-Su Cülcülо, and Ikenna Ekwоnna.

Fans оnly expressed their оpiniоns оn the pоtential hоuseguests after hearing the shоcking annоuncement.

One user tweeted: “I’m sоrry; I dоn’t usually cоmment оn @LоveIsland but why, оh why, are Tasha and Andrew under fire tоnight? They’re prоbably my favоrite cоuple there, and they seem genuine tо me.

Anоther persоn added: “I think they’ll let Tasha and Andrew gо hоme. Althоugh Amber must remain, this wоuld have been the ideal sоlutiоn.

Lоve Island airs nightly at 9pm оn ITV2

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