The Heartwrenching Departure: Strictly’s Gorka Marquez Leaves Fans in Tears as He Bids Farewell to Adorable Daughter Mia and Precious Baby Thiago


The latest series of the popular BBC dancing show Strictly Come Dancing has begun, and one of its star dancers, Gorka Marquez, recently bid farewell to his fiancée Gemma Atkinson and their two children, Mia and Thiago. Gorka took to Instagram to share some sweet moments with his daughter and baby son before heading off to film the show. He posted a selfie of himself and Mia, as well as an adorable video of Mia planting a tender kiss on Thiago’s forehead.

The post received a lot of love and support from fans, with many expressing their well wishes for Gorka. Saying goodbye to loved ones on a regular basis can be challenging, but Gorka’s fans assured him that his beautiful family will be cheering him on during his Strictly journey.

During the launch show, it was revealed that Gorka has been paired up with radio presenter Nikita Kanda. This season also features other exciting dance couples, including Les Dennis and Nancy Xu, Angela Scanlon and Carlos Gu, and Angela Rippon and Kai Widdrington. The complete list of pairings and highlights from the launch show can be found here.

Aside from his Strictly commitments, Gorka has recently become a father again. He and Gemma welcomed their second child, a son named Thiago, in July. Gemma announced the happy news on Instagram, sharing that both mother and baby are doing well. Gemma also revealed that Thiago’s older sister, Mia, has taken on the role of a caring and nurturing big sister.

In a separate post, Gemma explained the meaning behind her son’s name. Thiago is a Portuguese name, and Gorka’s mother is originally from Portugal. Thomas, on the other hand, was Gemma’s late father’s middle name. The combination of these two names represents the mix of their backgrounds and pays homage to Gemma’s father.

The new series of Strictly Come Dancing is sure to be filled with exciting performances, emotional moments, and strong competition. As Gorka takes the stage with his new partner, Nikita, fans can’t wait to see their chemistry and dancing skills. The couple’s supporters, including Gemma and their children Mia and Thiago, will undoubtedly be cheering them on from home.

In conclusion, Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez is embarking on a new season of the show, bidding farewell to his fiancée Gemma Atkinson and their children. The couple recently welcomed their son Thiago and are enjoying the precious moments together before Gorka begins his Strictly rehearsals. As fans express their support and excitement for the new series, Gorka and Nikita are ready to impress with their dance performances. The show promises to be another unforgettable season of glitter, glamour, and incredible talent.


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