The Lifetime film’s ending, “The Bad Seed Returns,” may hint at a further sequel.


Emma Grossman: Have we seen the last of her? The murderous young girl from Lifetime’s The Bad Seed has grown up, but she hasn’t changed her ways. The Bad Seed Returns, which aired on September 5, featured Emma continuing to exact deadly revenge on those who have wronged her. By the end of the film, she has claimed a sizable number of victims. And if Lifetime decides to produce a third Bad Seed movie, there might be more to come.

[Caution: The Bad Seed Returns spoilers are present in this article.]

In “The Bad Seed Returns,” Emma betrays her family and close friends.

McKenna Grace as Emma, looking in a mirror, in the Lifetime movie 'The Bad Seed Returns'

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After the passing of her father David (Rob Lowe), Emma (Mckenna Grace) was a young child living with her aunt Angela (played here by Michelle Morgan). She is now 15 years old in The Bad Seed Returns, and from the outside, she appears to be an ordinary teenage girl. She is on the dance team, has a lot of good friends, does well in school, and seems to get along well with Angela, her uncle Robert (Benjamin Ayres), and their newborn son Cade.

To those around her, Emma may appear to be a typical teenager, but there is obviously something strange about her. In the mirror, she practices basic social interactions, and when things don’t go her way, she quietly fumes. When Emma’s uncle decides to send her to boarding school, she becomes enraged because she dislikes her infant cousin. When Marlowe Zimmerman, a friend of hers, is chosen to lead the dance team rather than her, she becomes envious. In addition, Kat (Ella Dixon), a recent immigrant from Emma’s old school, poses a problematic situation. Emma is at risk because she can see right through her classmate.

Emma attacks when she senses a threat. Is it shocking at all when the accidents begin? The infant of her aunt almost drowns in the pool. Robert is nearly killed when he is buried under a car. The dog of her best friend is taken, only to be discovered dead. Before the ferocious conflagration in the film’s final act, no less.

By the time “The Bad Seed Returns” ends, almost everyone who knew Emma has passed away.

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In The Bad Seed, Emma got away with committing several murders. In The Bad Seed Returns, where she kills Ella, Robert, and Angela and somehow emerges from the ordeal looking like the victim, she repeats the act. (Earlier in the film, she stole her epilepsy medication and used it to engineer the death of her dance team rival; she also killed her friend’s dog.)

Angela has started to worry that her niece may be seriously ill. She puts the infant in the car and drives to see Brian (Lorne Cardinal), the man who killed David at the conclusion of the first movie because he believed David was attacking Emma. That enables Emma to carry out her deadly strategy. She feigns to reach out to Kat and extend an invitation to chat while doing so. The other girl then collapses after she poisons her hot chocolate with her uncle’s painkillers.

Emma moves on to deal with her uncle after leaving her classmate to die. Robert is recovering from his accident at home and has limited mobility. Robert, who believes his wife and child have arrived home, climbs upstairs to check on the infant after she plays a recording of a baby crying. He’s determined to check on Cade because Emma has already made him appear to be a bad parent in a number of ways. In the meantime, she starts a kitchen fire with a pan, echoing a previous Robert-started kitchen blaze.

Robert is trapped upstairs as the home catches fire. Emma runs outside and confronts Angela as she enters the house. The truth about Emma’s antisocial personality disorder has finally dawned on Angela. She tells her niece, “You’re a monster,” before rushing inside to save her husband. Angela and Robert are both overcome by the smoke because she arrives too late.

Emma triumphs, but where could she go next? 

Emma and Ella holding hands in 'The Bad Seed Returns'

Emma and Cade are the only Grossman family members still alive at the end of The Bad Seed Returns. A social worker who Emma meets with promises to keep the couple together and makes it sound like bad news for the unborn child.

The most recent portion of Emma’s tragic story is concluded in the film. Lifetime has not yet declared that there will be another Bad Seed movie. However, there is a lot of room for the character in a third film.

Imagine the unfortunate family who decides to adopt her as their foster daughter in the wake of the most recent tragedy. Or think about her ties to her cousin. In this film, she showed no affection for the infant, but now that he is the only member of her living family, it is easy to imagine her turning against anyone who tries to keep them apart. Nathan (Jude Wilson), the unfortunate guy who falls for Emma (and shows up to console her as her home is set on fire), is another character. Now that he has her approval, what if he tries to end their relationship? Anyone who dared to dump Emma would undoubtedly devise a creative means of death. Without a doubt, if Lifetime decides to continue the series, Emma could have plenty of chances to cause more mayhem.

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