The Love Island contestant with the most Instagram followers is named the “real winner.”


Fans of LOVE Island have determined the show’s “real winner” by tallying up who supported each contestant on social media.

Furthermore, the victor didn’t even make it to the finale of the show, which was a huge shock.


Her boyfriend Will came a close second in terms of followers


Jessie Wynter, who made her entrance from the Australian series as a bombshell, has proven to have the most devoted fan base.

And the man she fell in love with at the villa, Will Young, is right behind her.

Jessie and Will were voted “least compatible” by their fellow islanders and were dumped the night before the final.

The public ultimately ranked them last, and they were booted out.

But keen viewers have compared the contestants’ pre- and post-show follower counts to determine how popular they really are.

Jessie, who was already well-known from the Australian version of the franchise, entered the villa with an impressive 300,000 followers.

She surpassed Samie, who had 312k less followers, with 712k as of today.

Following this, Will’s number is 501k.

He had a respectable 101k followers on TikTok when he moved into the villa.

Kai and Sanam, the two contestants with the most votes and thus the show’s winners, have 283K and 294K followers, respectively.

However, Ellie and Martin, two bombshells, did not fare well and placed last.

Starting with 3.4k, Ellie has grown to 69.6k followers, while Martin has gone from 2.6k to 24.8k.

Since this was the first year the islanders were prohibited from maintaining active profiles during the show, they have seen a decline in their online followings when compared to previous years.

As part of their duty of care, ITV has decided to end the practice of having friends and family manage their finances during the show’s broadcast.

Kai and Sanam were voted the winners in the public vote during the live final



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