The Mayyas’ semifinal performance was praised by AGT viewers.

Tuesday night saw the return of America’s Got Talent (AGT) for the last round of its live semifinals. Only two of the eleven acts that performed this week will compete in the grand finale. Lebanese dance group The Mayyas, which won Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer at the auditions, was one of them.

@AGTThese aren’t images at all. Not e-motions, these. These are young, talented performers who just delivered a spellbinding performance on one of history’s most popular TV programs. It was absolutely breathtaking.

The Mayyas went straight through to the semifinals. The group, who were appearing on AGT for the second time, wowed the audience. After their dance, they received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience, moving them one step closer to their dream.

Following their performance, admirers gushed on social media about their mesmerizing dance routine. The AGT judges were equally enthralled by the performance.

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The Mayyas perform a mesmerizing set for the AGT semifinals.

The Mayyas were the night’s final performance act, and they brought the house down. Without a doubt, they didn’t make Sofia Vergara second-guess her use of the Golden Buzzer for them.

The 36 women put on one of AGT’s Season 17’s most spellbinding performances. They demonstrated that they were a group that deserved to appear in Las Vegas. They astounded the judges and audience with a perfectly timed movement and formation of a snake and a plant. The judges stood up and applauded the group as they completed their routine.

Sofia Vergara gave the AGT semifinalists a warm embrace after being so moved by their performance. Heidi Klum said their performance was ready for Las Vegas, and judge Simon Cowell said it would not only change their lives but also be “a performance that changes the world.”

Howie Mandel went one step further and declared that it was his personal “best moment” from the AGT. He mentioned how the Mayas have the amazing talent for forming strong and beautiful formations while moving gracefully.

The Mayyas’ performance left fans who watched them in awe as well. They used social media to express their views.

Fans rave about The Mayyas performance on AGT

Fans praised their performance on Twitter, writing that it was breathtaking. Some viewers further stated that the dance team deserved to advance to the finals because this was their best performance to date.

@AGTThese aren’t images at all. Not e-motions, these. These are young, talented performers who just delivered a spellbinding performance on one of history’s most popular TV programs. It was absolutely breathtaking.

@AGTThis is by far the best performance of the entire run of the show. These women are incredible. I hope they succeed.

@AGT So much time, energy, and TALENT!They were absolutely memorizing, they deserve to make it to the finals. 🐍🐍🐍🐍 https://t.co/521oxeuFrw

@AGTAmazing! Mesmerizing! Incredible! I can’t wait for the world to discover Lebanon’s true talent and face! The time has come for Lebanon to shine! 🙏🏻❤️🇱🇧

@AGT #MayyasIncredible performance; so innovative. #Lebanon#proud

@AGTThe Mayyas were far and above the rest, so they must win!#AGT

@AGTThey SHOULD triumph! We have never seen anything this beautiful, breathtaking, or visually stunning!

@AGT Mesmerizing performance

@AGTI will object if they aren’t in the championship game. I firmly believe that this is the season’s top team! #AGT

@AGT Outstanding performance! Hats off!

The 11 acts performing in the semifinals are described in more detail below.


The ten groups competing for one of the two spots in the grand finale, aside from The Mayyas, are as follows: Mervant Vera, Audrey Burchell, Blade 2 Blade, Kristen Cruz, Kristy Sellars, Max Ostler, Shu Takada, Urbancrew, Travis Japan, and Jordan Conley, the wildcard vote.

Six acts in total have already qualified for the September 13 broadcast of the grand finale. They are Drake Milligan, Chapel Hart, Yu Hojin, Avery Dixon, Sara James, Nicolas RIBS, and Sara James.

Only NBC broadcasts America’s Got Talent every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. For more information, readers can check their local directories.

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