The Mega Millions winning numbers were drawn TONIGHT ahead of the $51 million Powerball game on May 22nd.

Iowa couple’s win, continued

Karla had something important to say, according to Keith Elenz, 55.

“She says, ‘We won!’ and I say, ‘What did we win?'” he says.

“‘Look!’ she exclaims. ‘Here are the numbers, and here is the ticket!’ I said, ‘How much did we win?’ She said, ‘I think $2 million!’ I said, ‘Nooo!’

Karla claims that her 80-year-old mother missed some details at first.

Karla Elenz recalled, laughing, “She said, ‘You won $2,000!'”

“I said, ‘No.’ ‘Well, $20,000?’ I said, ‘No, add a couple more zeroes!’ She said, ‘$2million?!’ I said, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘Oh, my gosh!’ So she didn’t sleep at all that night.”

The Elenzes planned to put their winnings into investments and donate to local charities.

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