The Mesmerizing Viral Moment: Unveiling Meghan Markle’s Fascinating Double Curtsy to Queen Elizabeth That’s Taking the Internet by Storm!


Meghan Markle’s curtsies to Queen Elizabeth II are currently making headlines and circulating on social media. These curtsies have sparked conversation and debate among fans and critics alike. Let’s explore the reason behind the viral nature of these curtsies and examine what people are saying about the video.

In a Netflix docuseries called Harry & Meghan, Meghan Markle shared her first encounter with Queen Elizabeth II, which took place before her marriage to Prince Harry. Meghan recounted a car ride where Harry informed her that they would be meeting his grandmother after church. He also reminded her of the protocol to curtsy to the queen. Meghan, thinking it was a joke, playfully mocked the curtsy with an exaggerated bow and giggle. This moment received backlash from viewers who felt it was disrespectful.

While there are no public videos of Meghan’s actual curtsy on that day, some have surfaced of her other curtsies during her time as a working royal. One such video shows Meghan slightly bowing her head as she curtsies to the queen after attending a Christmas Day service in 2017. Another video captures a deep curtsy from Meghan during Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral in 2022 as the queen’s coffin passed by.

These videos have gained traction and gone viral, especially due to their timing. The TikTok video featuring Meghan’s curtsies was shared on the one-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death. As a result, it has amassed nearly a million views, over 100,000 likes, and numerous comments.

Fans of Meghan have praised her curtsies in the comments section. Some have described her curtsy during the state funeral as regal and full of reverence and sorrow. However, there are also those who have mentioned Meghan’s previous mocking of the curtsy in the Netflix series. They argue that this action undermined the sincerity of her subsequent curtsies and caused harm to the queen.

In conclusion, Meghan Markle’s curtsies to Queen Elizabeth II have gained attention and become viral due to their timing and contrasting circumstances. The videos have evoked both admiration and criticism from viewers. Some feel that Meghan’s curtsies were respectful and regal, while others believe her previous mockery of the gesture spoiled their significance. The debate surrounding these curtsies continues as people discuss Meghan’s actions and their impact on her relationship with the queen.


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