The most “intense” modification is revealed by a tattoo model who covered her body in ink.

A tattoo model revealed the brutal truth behind tongue-splitting, one of her most extreme body modifications.

Amber Luke has intricate tattoos covering 98% of her body and has a high pain tolerance.

The 26-year-old has also dramatically altered her appearance with eyeball ink, ear stretching, and jaw-dropping piercings.

She told her 25,000 Instagram followers that getting her split tongue was extremely difficult, despite being skilled at handling the torturous sessions.

The modification is typically made near the tip of the tongue, but it can occasionally be made in the middle to give the tongue a “forked” appearance.

And in order for the alternative model, from Brisbane, Australia, to succeed, the gruesome procedure had to be performed twice.

Amber said she had to have it done twice

(Image: @amberluke666/Instagram)

Everyone tries to achieve the look for a variety of reasons: some may only be interested in the aesthetics, others may like the idea of doing it to be able to engage in particular sex acts, and still others may have it done to fulfill their self-identity.

Amber claimed in a post on Instagram that having her tongue split was one of the most traumatic body modifications she had ever gone through.

She shared a photo of the finished product, which revealed a split at the tip that extended all the way down to the center of her tongue.

The influencer stated: “I had to get mine cut twice. Definitely one of the most intense healing processes for body modification I’ve been through.

The second time was even more painful, but it was still worthwhile.

Amber’s body is 98% covered in tattoos

(Image: @amberluke666/Instagram)

Mоre than 1,000 peоple have liked the pоst, and many оf them have called the tattооed beauty “stunning.”

Yоu are gоrgeоus, sоmeоne else said, and anоther persоn added, “I lоve it. I want it as well.

A third persоn added, “I always wanted a split tоngue.”

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