The nature of Dominik and Rhea Ripley’s relationship has been questioned by a WWE veteran (Exclusive).


This week, Dominik Mysterio joined Judgment Day after Rhea Ripley claimed responsibility for ‘turning him into a man’ during an intense opening segment on WWE RAW. In response to the newly discovered romance between Rhea Ripley and Dominik, Vince Russo thought WWE needed to be more explicit about whether the stars were dating or not.

Rhea Ripley had previously been scheduled to be Dominik’s opponent because the former Women’s Champion had attacked the 25-year-old superstar on numerous RAW episodes to exact revenge.

Ripley has had a significant impact on the plot, which has led to Dominik’s heel turn. As Vince Russo explains in this week’s Legion of RAW episode, he wanted to see the company go further into the on-screen relationship between the superstars.

“Also, are they yet PG-14? Has that rating been altered yet? They don’t make it clear because I don’t know. What authority does Rhea Ripley have over Dominik, Vince Russo enquired. “If it’s going to be sexual, make it sexual! If that’s what it is, if it’s something along the lines of the Dominatrix, then let it be that! Because I can’t figure out how she enticed him while I’m watching this. They haven’t given us an explanation for that. [10:14 – 10:47]


Dominik’s WWE heel turn, according to Vince Russo, lacked a sufficient build-up.

One of the biggest swerves at the recently concluded Clash at the Castle show was Dominik turning on Edge and Rey Mysterio. Because many fans weren’t impressed by the sequence of events leading up to the turn, the booking decision has since gotten mixed reviews online.

Vince Russo added that the WWE creative team ought to have given the angle more depth before severing Dominik from his illustrious father. Russo also emphasized the narrative flaw, saying that he didn’t find Dominik’s heel-turn to be particularly credible.

Vince Russo added:

“Once more, I watched the pay-per-view clip where Dominik dismembered Rey. Bro, it wasn’t given enough time to build up to that. There was nothing at all. His dad is that. Please, man! You must have told a long story to be able to lay out your father in that way. There was nothing that made him lay Rey out or was credible. I’ll bring up the lack of storytelling once more, brother. [11:27 – 12:06]

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