The new scrub daddy toilet wand has been praised for making it much simpler to achieve a spotless bathroom.


If you think you already love Scrub Daddy a lot, you’re in for a big surprise.

Users of the new Scrub Daddy toilet wand have been raving about how much easier it is to clean the bathroom fixture.


Stacey was very impressed with the want that has a cleaning stone to scrub away hard waster stains


The wand can be customized with different cleaning heads, which are interchangeable cleaning stones resembling pumice stones.

Stacey, an avid cleaner, said she bought the toilet wand system right away after learning about it.

She claimed she had “never ordered something so fast in her life” in a TikTok video.

Stacey said the buildup of hard water in her toilet would be difficult to remove with the Scrub Daddy toilet wand.

“I have hard water. So we’re gonna test it out.”

Stacey’s initial positive reaction to the wand was due to its pleasant aroma.

“Like a pine tree smell to it, I like.” 

The cleaning aficionado discovered the tabs on the toilet wand could be used for other things as well.

She then proclaimed, “Says you can put these tabs in your tank or in your bowl.” To maintain a clean toilet bowl.”

The fan began scrubbing with the cleaning wand.

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The cleaning fan was very pleased with the results after a brief scrubbing.

Her words were, “Oh, baby. Absolutely. Amazing to behold. Do you happen to be observing that?

“I wish I knew someone whose toilet was permanently stained so I could give this a try on them.”

Stacey noticed that the tab kept coming loose on the wand and wondered if she had done a good job of securing it.

Although I kept dropping my tablet. Perhaps I’m not wearing it correctly. Yes, very much so.

Pretty good on taking my hard water stains off.

Stacey used two toilet brushes to clean her toilet, one to remove the hard water stains and the other to finish the job.

After that, the rest. When I clean, I use a standard paintbrush.

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Stacey insisted that she would be keeping the scrub daddy wand in the bathroom.

I can assure you, my friend, that you will soon be considered “family.”

Stacey said she was definitely  keeps the scrub daddy toilet wand


Cleaning hacks and tips

To help you clean your house like a pro, here are some suggestions:


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