The Only Sibling of Armie Hammer Prefers to Avoid the Camera


The Discovery Plus documentary House of Hammer goes into great detail about the enormous family legacy left by disgraced actor Armie Hammer. There isn’t much information available about Armie’s immediate family, despite how much is known about his father, grandfather, and even great-grandfather. Has Armie Hammer got any younger siblings? If so, who are they, exactly?

Does Armie Hammer have any siblings? The following article contains an advertisement from Getty Images. Viktor is the only brother he has.

Little is known about Armie’s elusive younger brother Viktor, who bears the same name as Armand’s younger brother Victor. Viktor allegedly deleted his Instagram account soon after the accusations against his older brother were made public. Viktor did not appear in the House of Hammer documentary.

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Due to Armie’s breakthrough performance in the David Fincher movie The Social Network, in which he played actual twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, many people might believe that his brother is a twin upon learning that he has one. Armie and his brother, however, are not twins. In the movie, Armie didn’t even play both twins!

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Actor Josh Pence discussed his experience working on the movie as the body double for the second Winklevoss twin in an interview with The Huffington Post.

The way we would almost categorize it now is that “it was really motion capture acting in a way,” according to Pence. “However, at the time, the question remained, ‘What is this really? The press says, “Oh, you’re the body double. How do we define this?” You hear the phrase “you’re the body double” frequently, and it’s simple to believe it to be true.

Even worse, according to Josh, he wasn’t initially informed that the final version of the movie wouldn’t include his face. He was eventually given a polite explanation of the situation by director David Fincher.

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“I recall [Fincher] simply saying, ‘I am so sorry that I’m going to have to ask you to do this,’ during the conversation. I’m going to bill you as the lead because not many people would likely be interested in playing this role. However, in the end, I need you to develop this character. Additionally, I need you to pass off that character and know both of the characters. Josh said, “And nobody will know because it’s going to be that good.

Despite only using Armie’s face to portray Cameron and Tyler, the movie ultimately helped launch the careers of both Armies and Josh. Hulu currently offers The Social Network for streaming.


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