The OnlyFans star Elle Brooke might have to box her own sister in a winner-take-all tournament featuring eight female boxers.


A winner-take-all boxing tournament for eight women could pit ELLE BROOKE against her own SISTER.

The OnlyFans star is a 2-0 crossover boxer and has entered the KingPyn tournament.


Eight famous men and women will compete head-to-head for a cash prize.

Since Brooke’s sister Emily was also revealed to be a fighter, it’s possible that the two of them will unexpectedly face off against one another.

She declared, “I’m feeling good, and it’s good to have my sister behind my back, even though I hope we don’t fight.

It is what it is, though. It’s going to be tough, but I’m confident in my abilities as the best female influencer boxer on a pound-for-pound basis, so here I am to take on the challenge.

In her first two fights, Brooke was victorious over Love Island’s AJ Bunker and TikTok’s Faith Ordway.

When Emily finally decides to join her sister in the boxing ring, she does so with a target on her back.

She acknowledged, “I have big shoes to fill, but I’m confident I can succeed.

If they kill me, they’ll say, “I’m going straight for Elle,” but they won’t be able to get past me.


I expect others to view me as weak and an easy target, and that excites me.

To advance to the semi-finals, Brooke was drawn against Ms. She was dwarfed by Ola Danielka’s height.

Before the on-stage shoving began, Emily drew Amber O’Donnell.

Elle Brooke's sister Emily was the mystery fighter in the KingPyn tournament



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