The popular item has been removed from Sam’s Club shelves, but there is still hope for loyal customers.


SAM’S CLUB has confirmed the removal of a best-seller from its shelves.

Shoppers who miss it can still hold out for its return.


The wholesaler no longer stocks Pom Wonderful fresh pomegranate arils


Earlier this week, Sam’s Club confirmed that they would no longer be stocking Pom Wonderful fresh pomegranate arils.

A pair of 8-ounce cups, perfect for on-the-go snacks or nutritious condiments, was offered for purchase.

Recently, one customer named Stephanie Ozuna took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction that she could not locate the product at her local Sam’s Club.

The pomegranate two-pack cups were greatly missed. The shopper wrote, “It’s been two months,” followed by a crying face emoji.

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The answer from Sam’s Club was, “We loved them as much as you did, Stephanie.”

The store directed the shopper to an online form where they could provide feedback and make any necessary requests, such as the return of a discontinued product.

“Done, thank you!” wrote Stephanie.

Sam’s Club isn’t the only retailer to discontinue popular items, though.


In a disappointing move, Walmart announced they would not be stocking Grapette grape soda again.

A number of Twitter users expressed disappointment, despite the fact that the store still offered other brands of grape soda.

Customers of Kroger were recently dismayed to learn that the supermarket no longer carried The Fizzicist real sugar soda.

Instead of spending a fortune on Dr. Customers have proclaimed Pepper to be their “favorite” soda and have pleaded with Kroger to “come back out with it again soon.”

Customers were outraged when Kroger stopped carrying Private Selection Sweet Southern Heat barbecue kettle chips, so the company made the announcement to appease them.


Many stores now have an online contact form where customers can request the return of discontinued items.

The product might become available again if the store is able to restock due to high demand, or it might not be available again if the manufacturer has stopped making it.

Brands haven’t just altered their selections for grocery stores.

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Fans were devastated last week when Dunkin’ Donuts removed the Dunkaccino from its menu after 23 years.

In addition, Starbucks is discontinuing the use of raspberry syrup in its drinks.


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