The Power of Reconciliation: Julie Chen Moonves and Leah Remini Unveil How They Mended Bonds Amidst their Fiery Rift on ‘The Talk’


Julie Chen Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Details About Her Time on “The Talk”

Julie Chen Moonves is spilling all in her new audiobook, “But First, God”. The “Big Brother” host, 53, tells behind-the-scenes details about her time co-hosting “The Talk” and her sudden exit in 2018. Julie reveals how her co-hosts, including Leah Remini, complained about her while she went on vacation.

The Complaints and Betrayal

A couple of Julie’s co-hosts went to the network while she was away and expressed their dissatisfaction, stating, “We can’t work with Julie anymore. She’s too uptight. She’s not one of us. If she stays, we go.” This hurtful and challenging situation was made worse by the fact that one of the people who left was Leah Remini, with whom Julie had become best friends after working on “The Talk”. They had even gone on vacation together. Julie felt betrayed by Leah’s actions.

Reconciliation and Forgiveness

After almost a decade of icy relations, Julie had a change of heart with the help of her faith. She attended a party where Leah’s husband, Angelo Pagan, was performing and took the opportunity to ask for Leah’s number. Julie recognized the importance of forgiveness and chose to bury the hatchet. Today, they are closer than ever. Julie admits that she was initially too hard-hearted to accept Leah’s apology, but with faith in her life, she understood the power of forgiveness.

Leah Remini’s Departure from “The Talk”

Leah Remini left “The Talk” after just one season in 2011. Julie Chen remained a co-host until 2018 when she was forced to leave due to her husband Les Moonves’ sexual misconduct scandal. Les, the former chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation, faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from women. Although Julie had to leave the show, she has continued to host “Big Brother” on CBS.

Julie Chen’s Experience as Collateral Damage

Julie Chen revealed on “Good Morning America” that it wasn’t her decision to leave “The Talk”. She felt stabbed in the back and considered herself collateral damage during her husband’s scandal and the fallout at CBS. Despite the difficult times, she has persevered as the host of “Big Brother” on CBS.

The Importance of Forgiveness and Faith

Julie Chen’s journey has taught her the significance of forgiveness and the impact of faith in her life. She acknowledges that without God’s influence, she wouldn’t have taken the steps to reconcile with Leah Remini. Today, she understands the importance of forgiveness, as stated in the Bible.

Julie Chen’s audiobook, “But First, God”, offers a glimpse into the life of a host who faced challenges, betrayal, and forgiveness. It sheds light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of television and the personal growth that can come from embracing faith and forgiveness. Through her experiences, Julie Chen’s story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar obstacles.


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