The salon ruined my hopes for cute, simple oval nails; I sobbed the entire way home because they are so humiliating.


A disastrous trip to the nail salon left one beauty aficionado in tears.

Sky (@splishsplashsky), a 26-year-old from Kentucky, United States, and a regular on the social media platform TikTok, went in for a manicure expecting to leave with a classic, adorable set of nails.


The clip's racked up over a million views in just one day


But she left instead, tears streaming down her face, and recorded her reaction on TikTok.

Sky, clearly devastated by the disastrous outcome, expressed her shock and disbelief in the video.

Wow, check out these nails I just did! I’m mortified to admit that I’ve just emerged from a nail salon.

“All I wanted was oval nails,” she said. “I know I’m really picky, but this just made me so mad.”

Sky had to rush to get them fixed because, in addition to the design being wrong, she was leaving for Disney World in the morning.

The nail polish enthusiast, who had only slept four hours the night before, decided to try a new salon rather than return to the one where she had originally gotten her nails done.

Sky claims that she tried complaining “multiple” times, but the expert behind this never listened to her.

Even though it was only uploaded a day ago, the video has already gone viral, amassing over 1.5 million views on the social media site.

TikTok users, like Sky, were shocked by the outcome.

One sympathetic voice chimed in, “You’re not overreacting.

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As one reviewer put it, “Acrylics are expensive and when they mess them up I think everyone gets emotional.”

A second commenter echoed this confusion, asking, “how the hell did they even do that?”

I can’t believe they let you go like that,’ someone else chimed in.

Others, however, laid the blame squarely on Sky’s shoulders.

”One thing i never understand why ppl [people] complain after they left complaining to the person who does them at the end of the day u paying for them,” one social media user said.


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