The top 5 Minecraft servers, including Hypixel, for 2022


Although Hypixel is one of the best Minecraft servers, other options will still offer the same features in 2022.

Over the past few years, sandbox games have become increasingly popular. On its multiplayer servers, millions of players spend hours playing against one another.

They can look elsewhere if they prefer a different vibe or experience connection issues on large-scale servers like Hypixel.

Even though the block game’s single-player mode is its default setting, playing with friends on specially created servers that are packed with mini-games is much more enjoyable. Users frequently play their favorite mini-games, such as SkyBlock, BedWars, PvP, etc.

They can play the same mini-games on thousands of other servers.

Top five alternative Minecraft servers for Hypixel

1) TheArchon

TheArchon is a small and reachable community with several game modes to enjoy (Image via Minecraft)ManaCube offers the most amount of game modes (Image via Minecraft)Complex Gaming offers Pixelmon (Image via Minecraft)Mineplex is the strongest competitor against Hypixel (Image via Minecraft)TubNet's announcement trailer has over three million views (Image via YouTube/TubNet)Ads

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