The world’s sexiest volleyball player, Kayla Simmons, enjoys a topless day at the beach while displaying her famous booty.


Kayla Simmons, the hottest volleyball player in the world, bared her posterior while lounging on the sand.

And that’s after you’ve had some time to unwind while ABSOLUTELY NAKED.


Kayla is a former volleyball star-turned-model


The American has amassed over 900,000 Instagram followers


Fans have called Kayla the sexiest volleyball player on the planet.

The former Florida star was a standout player for the legendary Marshall University squad.

She has 900,000 Instagram fans, all of whom are getting daily doses of her racy photos.

Kayla is very experienced at putting on a show for the camera.

And while she was chilling out on the beach, she managed to take a picture that caught everyone’s attention.

Kayla stripped down to her underwear and posed for a photo on her stomach.

At the same time, she held the camera at an oblique angle, revealing her derriere.

“Perfect place from a nap,” Kayla wrote in the photo’s caption.

Kayla regularly posts saucy snaps online


Fans go wild for each new upload


Kayla is no stranger when it comes to saucy pictures


As expected, the photo caused a frenzy among followers, with one person commenting that it “woke them up from a nap.”

Another said: “Miss every inch of you baby.”

One noted: “Indeed it is.”

Another added: “Sweet dreams.”

Kayla’s most recent photo was taken after she nearly lost her modesty while taking a busty selfie on a couch.

She also shared a very suggestive video with her followers in a different post.

Earlier this month, Kayla was spotted taking a selfie in front of a mirror while wearing a skintight swimsuit.

Kayla has built a cult following online


She is not shy of the camera for saucy pictures


Kayla enjoys the great outdoors when not taking pictures



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