There are only a few bra styles that interest me, and then it’s all about the nipples, but otherwise I’m on the “no bra” team.


This style icon is usually on the “anti-bra” side, but there is one situation that will have them reaching for reinforcements.

The social media influencer told her fan base that the amount of cleavage displayed in any given outfit is the determining factor in whether or not a bra should be worn.


The influencer only opts for a bra if she doesn't want her nipples to show, otherwise she's part of the anti-bra movement


In a recent video, the TikToker who goes by “Her” (@notfamilyfriendly__) claimed that she might be in favor of “freeing the nipple.”

The influencer can be seen at the beginning of the 10-second clip mouthing the lyrics to Who Wants That Perfect Love Story Anyway by Renny, which was playing in the background.

Her expressed her bra-related concerns in an on-screen caption.

“I hate bras w a passion,” the content creator wrote.

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Her stated that the only time she would wear a bra was if it exposed her nipples.

I only put one on when I want my nipples on display,” she explained.

The influencer did add, however, that if she ever finds an outfit in which she doesn’t need a bra, she might be a supporter of the anti-bra movement as a whole.

“Then when I put on I start think free the nipple movement might be the move,” Her wrote in the caption on the post.

One viewer of the video commented that she wears a bra even though she doesn’t necessarily need the support because she doesn’t want her nipples to show.

Whatever the case may be, the TikToker isn’t the only one who has doubts about the necessity of daily bra use.


As The U.S. According to a previous report by Sun, one fashion expert went so far as to create her own bra designs with built-in padding for comfortable support.

On her Instagram account (@itsnatalierogers), designer Natalie Rogers Soto shared a video of her latest creations.

Since Natalie is “a girl who hates wearing bras,” she came up with the idea of making fashionable tops that already have padding sewn in.

Her company, which sells padded tank tops, bodysuits, and dresses, is called Klassy Network.

Since the insert sizes extend up to a GG+, they are ideal for women with larger busts of any shape or size.

A second influencer shared their recent shopping haul on social media, and both of them showed their support for Klassy Network.

The “brami” tops Josie Bullard (@josie_bullard) purchased from Klassy Network were “life-changing,” she tweeted.

However, there are those who feel fine going braless even now, with some even claiming it is a requirement of their profession.

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To read more on this topic, go to the United States. The Sun reported on a bra-hater who “finally” gave black lingerie another shot but had mixed reactions to it.

The U.S. The Sun also features an article about a woman who is open about the fact that she has a size 36E bust and chooses not to wear a bra.


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