There are three advanced features of the Sky remote that you have been ignoring because you have been using it incorrectly.


YOUR Sky TV remote is no ordinary controller.

Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Sky Stream all have access to the device’s plethora of unique features.


Here are three you’ve probably missed.

Secret Sky button

This one applies to the Sky Q remote.

You can access all of your box’s recorded content by pressing the logo on your remote, which functions as a normal button.

So give it a press next time to save a few clicks.

Use your Sky remote to switch your TV off

Did you know you can turn off your primary TV by using the Sky remote?

Since Sky Glass is an integral part of the television, this is to be expected.

Sky Q and Sky Stream, however, can eliminate the need for a second remote control.

It’s as simple as keeping your finger on the main power button for a little longer than usual.

If your TV and Sky don’t have HDMI control, you won’t be able to use them together.

But it’s easy to set-up.

To change the Sky Q remote settings, select Settings > Remote Control.

Select Control your TV and scroll down to Sky Q touch remote.

Sky Stream’s connected devices can be managed by selecting the gear icon and then clicking on Settings.

Hit Sky remote, then Control your TV.

If you want to pair them up, just do what it says on the screen.

Most modern TVs should work.

Movie quote magic

It’s no secret that Sky’s remotes include microphones for voice activation.

However, there are also some classic movie quotes that can bring back memories of those films.

There’s a whole bunch you can find here.

DWTS execs blindsided over Tyra Bank's exit announcement
Upcoming film dedicated to TV star after he died of 'natural causes'

Sky has also included TV quotes, with the most recent being from the critically acclaimed series The Last of Us.

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