There were over 25,000 incidents of student violence against educators in 2016.


Astounding new government data reveals that more than 25,000 student attacks on teachers occurred last school year.

Independent data shows that staff injured by children were compensated to the tune of $300,000.


This was a portion of a total payout of £3 million for injuries sustained on the job at schools on nearly a hundred separate occasions.

Compensation for stress, electric shocks, and fatal asbestos exposure were also included in a survey of councils.

However, some of the largest prizes went to teachers who had been traumatized by students.

One such educator in Sheffield received $170,000 from the city.

A teacher who developed mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure received £214,000 from the East Sussex Council.

Both Tameside and Devon councils paid out £178,000 to settle similar claims.

“It is important to get safety right, and where people have a legitimate claim for compensation, they should get the damages to which they are entitled,” said a spokesperson for the Local Government Association.


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