“There’s no problem,” Dana White says of Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship.


After their recent altercation at the MTV Video Music Awards, Dana White revealed that he spoke with Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly. The Irishman apparently asked MGK for a picture but was pushed away by his security personnel, resulting in the incident.

“Yeah, I think that it was just a, you know, I talked to both actually. They are all good now. Misunderstanding or whatever it was, but I think I saw two of them, you know, I think TMZ grabbed Conor and Conor told them, there’s no problem between them,” Dana White said.

This infuriated the Irishman, who proceeded to throw his drink at the rapper and was even seen attempting to hit him with his signature straight left. Following the incident, Conor McGregor appeared to make a jibe at MGK. On social media, the Irishman retweeted a video clip. Megan Fox, the rapper’s girlfriend and a Hollywood actress, was seen at a UFC event cheering on the former two-division champion.

Screenshot of Conor McGregor's retweeted video clip Screenshot of Conor McGregor's retweeted video clip
Screenshot of Conor McGregor’s retweeted video clip

Dana White isn’t too concerned about Conor McGregor’s recent antics

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor Press Conference UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor Press Conference
UFC 229: Khabib Several members of the mixed martial arts community chastised him for his actions. Dana White was asked if he was tired of McGregor’s recent behavior. The UFC president responded by saying that he has to deal with such volatile personalities on a daily basis.

White said that such incidents do happen in the fight industry. He also stated that he was unconcerned about McGregor’s behavior on the red carpet. Take down our dominant MMA coverage for

“Guys, this is the fight business. I got 700 f***ing lunatics under contract here. WHat do you guys think? These are the things that happen sometimes. This isn’t Microsoft. We’re in a crazy f***ing business. We all know Conor’s personality and you know, we got some guys that are like that. These guys are fighters and this is the fight business and crazy sh*t happens in the fight business,” Dana White said.

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