The’revealed’ Coronation plans of King Charles include the participants, the route, and a significant part for Prince George.


The procession, route, and roles for King Charles’s coronation have apparently been made public.

The coronation of the new monarch will occur nearly 70 years after the historic coronation of the Queen.


Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte are all expected to join, according to The Times



According to reports, the ceremony will be significantly less formal, smaller, and cheaper than the one for Queen Elizabeth II.

It is also said that the King wants it to reflect the ethnic diversity of modern Britain, so it will be planned to include representatives from various faiths and community groups.

Events related to the coronation will begin on Saturday, May 6, and continue on Sunday, May 7, and Monday, May 8, which has been designated as a holiday.

But who exactly will be attending, and what exactly will the royal family be doing, at this ceremony? Everything you need to know is listed below.

Who is in the royal procession?

The Times reports that Prince Louis, age 4, will join his older siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince George in taking center stage during the coronation ceremony.

According to the newspaper, however, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Prince Andrew will not be taking part in the parade.

Charles and Camilla, the Prince and Princess of Wales, will be riding in the Gold State Coach, and their children will follow in a carriage.

As the rehearsal schedule only includes members of the royal family who are actively engaged in royal duties, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie will not be participating in the procession.

The Prince and Princess of Wales and their children will lead the royal procession out of the abbey, followed by the Princess Royal and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, the new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent and his sister, Princess Alexandra.

As the heir apparent, George, now nine years old, has been expected to be present at the coronation for some time.

As well, it has been theorized that he will play a significant part.

What is the route?

There will be a Gold State Coach waiting for the King and Queen Consort at Buckingham Palace, and they will ride it to Westminster Abbey.

There will be thousands upon thousands of cheering spectators lining the streets as the King’s Procession makes its way along the Royal Route to Westminster Abbey.

The route back to the palace for the King’s coronation will be shorter than the route taken in 1953, though exactly how much shorter is still a secret.

An insider with knowledge of the parade’s composition estimated that there would be around four thousand military personnel present.

Who is on the guest list?

Members of other Royal Families from around the world are traditionally invited as well.

Prince Albert of Monaco has already confirmed that he and his wife Charlene will “definitely go” to the Coronation, making him the first foreign royal to publicly announce his intention to attend.

Twenty members of parliament and twenty peers are expected to attend the Coronation, according to a previous report in the Telegraph.

Current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, along with ex-Prime Ministers like Boris Johnson, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown, may show up, though it’s unclear if their spouses will join them.

Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the British Labor Party, and other prominent Cabinet ministers and opposition figures are expected to attend.

Religious figures from a variety of faiths, including church leaders, will be present.

Common folk, such as charity bosses, NHS employees, and Commonwealth delegates, will also be invited.

Which crowns will be worn during the ceremony?

St. Edward’s Crown, a gold crown made in the 17th century, will be used to crown the new king.

It is reserved for the coronation ceremony due to its extreme heaviness.

The Crown of Queen Mary has been removed from the Tower of London and resized in preparation for the coronation of the Queen Consort.

What’s on over the coronation weekend?

Cultural festivals, live music, community workshops, art showcases, and competitive games and contests will all be hosted by local authorities over the course of the three-day weekend.

On May 7, “global music icons and contemporary stars” will perform at a Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle.

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Projections, laser shows, drone displays, and illuminations will be used to bring some extra sparkle to some of Britain’s most recognizable landmarks.

Over the course of the weekend, the United Kingdom and the rest of the Commonwealth will play host to tens of thousands of Coronation “Big Lunches” and street parties.

It remains to be seen whether Harry or Meghan will attend the ceremony



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