This is your Leo weekly horoscope for March 19-25.


THIS MONTH, AFTER A SHORT Illness, OUR Fantastic Astrologer Passed Away.

She is always so reliable, so we’ll keep publishing her horoscopes even though we’ve already used several of them.


JULY 23 – AUG 23


The sun shines through your map, illuminating a path to new discoveries and personal growth.

Pluto’s influence in your seventh house of partnerships can bring about an extraordinary and unforgettable connection.

However, it seems tailor-made right away.

Your private life is about to be disrupted by a teaching assignment


Luck can link to a two for one offer.

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She’s the mom who drives her kid to school while singing loudly and acting out nursery rhymes.

Inspiring her children to reach their full potential is a top priority for this vivacious, playful Leo mother.

can push them hard.

Encourages a warm, friendly, and trustworthy environment like that found in a family.

Positive and playful, but also prone to egotism and a certain degree of insensitivity toward the emotional needs of children.

The Leo child is a natural performer who enjoys the limelight and the risk it brings.

Leo requires freedom of choice and expression without inhibitions, as well as the opportunity to share his hopes, fears, and everything in between.

Never a dull moment with Leo in the family!

However, they may wear a coping mask to hide their true emotions, leading to a buildup of tension on the inside.

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