This X-rated optical illusion may indicate that you have a dirty mind if you believe what you see.

This X-rated optical illusion may indicate that you have a filthy mind depending on what you see.

A picture of some friends that seems innocent turns out to be more sinister than it should be.


The image was one of several dubious pictures uploaded to Ranker.

In the middle of the picture, two women can be seen grinning at the camera.

However, one is slightly behind the other’s exposed arm, which at first glance seems to be attached to the head of the second woman.

The shadowing on the arm of the first woman almost resembles a body because she is donning a sleeveless dress.

It is followed by another optical trick that might lead you to have naughty thoughts.

Reddit users are having a hard time erasing the perplexing image.

The illusion depicts a scene in a park and was first posted on Instagram by user @Singcha.

A couple holding hands and a woman lying down in the grass are both easily identifiable by viewers.

However, the woman on the grass immediately catches our attention because she is practically nude from the waist down.

The mechanism underlying the illusions was studied by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers in June 2020.

They demonstrated that the phenomenon is based on a peculiarity in how our brains interpret visual information.

Before visual information reaches the visual cortex of the brain, we judge the brightness of an object when we view an image.

It means that depending on the background they’re presented on, objects of the same color can appear brighter or darker than they actually are.

At the time, Professor Pawan Sinha of MIT stated, “All of our experiments point to the conclusion that this is a low-level phenomenon.

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