Those who follow Love Island believe that Islander is “furious” about Kai and Sanam’s victory.


Fan theories have Olivia Hawkins ‘furious’ at tonight’s winners, Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan.

The dynamic duo triumphed in the ITV2 dating competition during the winter of this year.


Kai and Sanam were crowned winners of winter Love Island 2023


Viewers think that Olivia won't be happy with the result


When Tom Clare and Samie Elishi, both 23 years old, were voted out of the villa in third place, Kai and Sanam were able to take over the top spot and defeat Ron Hall, 26, and Lana Jenkins, 25.

Host Maya Jama announced the results of the public vote, and the happy couple hugged and kissed each other.

Some viewers of “Love Island” couldn’t help but imagine how Kai’s ex-girlfriend Olivia, now 27 years old, must be feeling.

Someone on Twitter joked, “I know Olsivia is furious somewhere,” accompanied by an angry face emoji.

An additional user commented, “@LoveIsland the fury coming from Olivia right now could operate an oil rig go Kai and Sanam!!! Surely, she is fuming with rage right now.

It’s safe to assume Olivia is furious that Kai came out on top, given how often she says he finishes last. He has won, accept it,” a third voice chimed in.

Another commenter said, “I would pay good money to see Olivia’s reaction to Kai and Sanam winning.”

Olivia’s feelings for Kai, the science and physical education teacher, were immediately apparent.

But Tanyel Revan, aged 26, snatched him away from her, and she found herself paired off with Will Young, aged 23.

The ring girl went on to date several other men, including Tom Clare (age 23), Haris Namani (age 21), and Spencer Wilkes (age 24).

Tanyel and Samie Elishi, both 23, were partners for Kai, while Anna-May Robey, also 20.

On day 21, after realizing they had feelings for one another, Olivia and Kai were able to consummate their relationship.

But then Casa Amor came along, and they abandoned each other in droves.

Olivia brought Maxwell Samuda to the main villa, and Kai reconciled with Sanam.

However, despite their reconciliation, Olivia was still furious that Kai had chosen someone other than her.

The winning couple were supported by bookies, with Paddy Power offering 1/3 odds that they would win, despite having been together for the shortest amount of time compared to their co-stars.

To Maya, Kai gushed, “She literally blew me away straight away.” This was his reaction to Sanam.

That name was always Kai to me. Sanam continued, dropping the L-bomb without meaning to. “I always said he was my number one,” she said.

After accidentally revealing that she “fell in love” with Kai in the villa, Sanam frantically covered her mouth.

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Olivia coupled up with Kai during her time in the villa


Olivia and Maxwell are still going strong



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