Thrilling Home Ambitions Unveiled by Helen Skelton 17 Months Following Her Breakup with Richie Myler


Could Helen Skelton Be Making Bigger Changes?

Helen Skelton, the former Strictly Come Dancing star, recently made the decision to leave her BBC Radio 5 job in order to prioritize spending more time with her young children – Ernie, Louis, and Elsie. However, it seems that even bigger changes could be on the horizon for Helen.

A Move to a New Home?

Helen took to Instagram to share a post with her followers, showcasing a series of stunning interior spaces that inspire her. This has led to speculation that she may be moving into a new home of her own. While her previous update revealed that she was living with her parents on their farm in Cumbria, the interiors inspiration could suggest a change in her living situation.

Contentment in Cumbria

In an interview with The Telegraph, Helen previously talked about her decision to relocate 100 miles back to her childhood village in Cumbria and live with her parents. She emphasized the sense of community and support she experiences there, stating, “I can get up in my pyjamas, pull on my boots, wear my dad’s coat, and walk across the fields with the dog – what a joyous way to start the day!” The TV presenter clearly finds contentment in her unique rural lifestyle.

The Couple’s Former Home

Helen and her now ex-partner, Richie Myler, previously lived together in Yorkshire. They put a lot of effort into renovating their family property. However, it seems that they have since sold the house, signifying a significant change in their lives.

The Breakup

In April 2022, Helen announced her split from Richie, a professional rugby player. She disclosed the news on her Instagram Stories, expressing sadness over the end of their relationship. “He has left the family home. We will be doing our best to co-parent our small children,” she wrote. The couple shares two sons and a daughter, but Helen never revealed the specific reason behind their breakup.

The Strictly Come Dancing Journey

Shortly after the breakup, Helen threw herself into the world of Strictly Come Dancing, appearing as a contestant on the show. While she embraced this new venture, her ex-partner Richie quickly moved on and entered a new relationship with Stephanie Thirkill, the daughter of Leeds Rhinos president Andrew Thirkhill. The couple later welcomed their first child together.

Richie’s New Arrival

The news of Richie’s newborn was confirmed by his team coach, Rohan Smith, who revealed that Richie had taken time off to be with his new baby. They expressed their support and understanding for Richie’s family commitments during this time.

The Next Chapter for Helen

As for Helen, she has chosen not to dwell on the details of her breakup. Instead, she has focused on her time on Strictly Come Dancing and the opportunities that lie ahead. Only time will tell what the future holds for this resilient and talented media personality.

Overall, Helen Skelton’s recent decisions and experiences indicate a potential shift in her personal and professional life. Whether it be setting up a new home, embracing a unique rural lifestyle, or navigating the challenges that come with a breakup, Helen continues to demonstrate strength and determination. As she embarks on her next chapter, we can expect to see her thrive in both her personal and professional endeavors.


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