Tight low-cut top almost lets Teen Mom star Vee Rivera’s new face and body shine in new video.


VEE Rivera recently shared a video on social media in which she applies makeup and flaunts her curvy figure.

The star of Teen Mom 2 posted a story to Instagram about her favorite cosmetics while wearing a revealing top.


The mother-of-one praised her blush in the chatty video, and was dressed for the day in a peep hole-style ribbed long sleeve


Vee paused in the middle of her makeup tutorial to discuss blush.

She wore a minimal amount of makeup and had her hair pulled back from her face.

As she filmed herself in the natural light, she adorned herself with gold earrings and a tiny nose stud.

In the clip, she can be seen wearing a very low-cut gray jersey that strategically exposes her cleavage.

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31-year-old Sarah said, “I’m doing my makeup and I put on my liquid blush.”

She said, “It’s going to be blended out a little bit and I still have to add my concealer, so I just wanted to show you how pigmented it is and how nice this color is,” acknowledging the product’s intense hue.

I put on Acai U Later and Guava Mama by Alamar Cosmetics.


The mother of Vee’s stepson, Isaac, Kailyn Lowry, has recently admitted her responsibility for the tense past between her and Vee.

She began appearing on the podcast Vibin’ & Kinda Thrivin’ with Vee and Alessandra Gonzalez in January.

Discussion shifted to “cannabis use” and the “stigma around it” at the outset of the show.

The conversation was quickly joined by Kailyn, who shared that she, too, used to “judge” drug users but has since had a change of heart.

It’s taboo and there’s a stigma around it, and I contributed to that, and I feel really bad about that,” she admitted, setting the tone of her confession.

She turned the conversation back to Vee, blaming her rigid stance against drug use for the rocky beginning of their friendship.

In her own words, Kailyn elaborated, “I think that I was just associating all drug and alcohol use with my mom, so now as an adult looking back, I’m like ‘holy s**t,’ I really shot myself in the foot about how I treated Vee about smoking.”

Vee admitted that she did try drugs when she was a teenager and began dating Kailyn’s first baby daddy, Jo.

Now Jo and Vee have a daughter together, Vivi, who is seven years old.


When asked on the same podcast a month prior if she would return to reality TV, Vee answered definitively no.

If Vee did another reality show, would she do it with Alessandra? was the first question Alessandra read.

Right back at them, Vee said she was done with filming after her experiences on Teen Mom.

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Not at all. My policy has always been to never watch another reality show. This is drama. What they make is garbage. From time to time, they’ll ask you to lie or reshoot a scene.

Never in a million years would I suggest that to a friend. Just go with me on this. ”It’s not worth it,” she said.

Vee popped onto Instagram to tell her followers about one of her new favorite makeup products


Recently, Kailyn Lowry appeared on Vee's podcast and admitted that she'd been 'hypocritical' in the past


Despite having met her husband Jo while he starred on the show, Vee slammed her time on reality TV



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