Trolls say I’m overreacting because I requested cat-themed nail art but received dog-themed nail art instead.


After her nail technician finished an extreme design that she hadn’t requested, a young woman was left speechless.

Kawaii fan Jessie wanted a cartoon cat in white against a nude background for her upcoming trip to Japan.


She was left speechless in the salon when the nail technician went off track


What she actually got, despite forking over the aforementioned £40, was a far cry from her expectations.

The 18-year-old emerged with orange nails and a spiky-looking animal on her ring finger.

The cat had an unsettling appearance, and its nails were longer, pointier, and brighter than in the source image.

The experience of sitting in the salon and “seeing her nails get further and further away from the inspiration” was one that Jessie vividly remembered.

In addition, the content creator mentioned that by the time the nail technician realized their error, it was too late in her opinion.

As viewers of her Tik Tok video flocked to the comments section, their thoughts on the matter were clearly divided.

Others said the painted cat resembled a dog or a robot, and still others said it looked like a rabbit.

Some viewers, though, claimed Jessie was being “overdramatic” by complaining about the layout.

One person who wasn’t impressed by her video penned: “They’re fine.

“You’re overdramatic.”

The retort from Jessie was, “I think you’re delusional if you honestly think I would keep those.”

“It’s not even that different though,” said someone else.

Many people came to Jessie’s defense, with one woman saying she “would have cried” in a similar situation.

Another quipped: “It’s like they didn’t even try.”

A manicurist chimed in, “I’m a manicurist, and doing the nails you asked for is SO EASY!”

“Why did they do them so bad?”

Disgusted with the results, Jessie left the salon and went to a different salon within the hour.

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The rectification work she did cost her £55 (or $100 AUD; she is from Melbourne, Australia).

There has been a lot of interest in her nail fail videos; one of them has over two million views.


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