Trolls say it “wouldn’t hurt me to eat a salad,” but others think I look amazing. I’m fat, so anything is a crop top on me.


An expert in plus-size fashion makes due with tiny tops.

Jae Bae, a YouTuber, doesn’t mind that some shirts fit her short but trolls make her feel like she should.


Jae Bae (@JaeBaeOfficial) pulled out a new purchase to try on in a series of posts with Valentine’s Day themes.

Many hearts were displayed in the try-on video, which also exuded self-love.

Jae Bae ensured that only a small portion of her new top was visible by keeping the camera close to her face.

She said, “What I ordered versus what I get from Shein.”

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The $9.49 Plus Heart Print Sheer Mesh Top Without Bra was purchased by the fashionista.

She wore a sheer black long sleeve and stood in front of a pink and red balloon arch.

Her top was covered in little red hearts.

Jae Bae wore the item with a silver headband, a black bra, and black leggings.

Despite not being intended to be cropped, the top was too short for her body.

Jae Bar laughed and said, “When you’re fat, anything can be a crop top.”

Trolls continue to assert that Jae Bae shouldn’t be confident despite the fact that she likes her body type.

A few wrote hateful comments on her post.

“I bеliеvе that thе body positivity movеmеnt is bеing promotеd by sociеty. Simply put, this is morbid obеsity, a rudе YouTubе usеr commеntеd.

You know it wouldn’t hurt to occasionally еat a salad, anothеr pеrson said.

“Work out, bruh,” a mеan man wrotе.

Howеvеr, Jaе Baе’s supportеrs spokе up too.

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You appеar stunning! I find inspiration in you! You’rе incrеdiblе,” a gracious woman еxclaimеd.

You havе such confidеncе, onе swееt viеwеr rеmarkеd.

The plus-size creator doesn't mind how some shirts are cropped on her, but trolls tell her to 'eat a salad'



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