Twitch Streamers Beware! Viewers Exploit Streamlabs to Prank With Lavish Million-Dollar Donations, Unleashing a Troll-Fueled Storm!


TwitchViewers Exploit Streamlabs Bug to Troll Streamers with Fake Million-Dollar Donations

Donations play a crucial role in the success of Twitch streamers, providing them with the necessary support to continue their career and improve their equipment. While smaller donations are common, it’s rare for viewers to send massive amounts like a million dollars. However, popular Twitch streamer Forsen recently found himself on the receiving end of a questionable million-dollar donation during a Minecraft speedrun. It turned out to be fake, and it appears that an exploit in Streamlabs may be responsible for these fake donations.

The Exploit

During his stream, Forsen was perplexed by the unexpected donation and quickly realized it was not an authentic transaction. He suspected that it was a bug, prompting him to call on Twitch to investigate the matter. Forsen hinted that this exploit could potentially become a trend, allowing viewers to abuse the system for their amusement. While the exact nature of the bug is still unclear, Reddit users have suggested that the exploit involves Streamlabs.

Streamlabs and its Customization Features

Streamlabs is a widely used software by Twitch streamers to enhance their broadcasts with various customization options. It offers widgets, built-in overlay themes, and alerts, making streams more engaging for viewers. In Forsen’s case, he utilizes Streamlabs for his stream, and it seems that someone is taking advantage of a payload exploit in the Streamlabs API to send fake million-dollar alerts.

The Mechanics of the Exploit

According to a Redditor, the exploit involves manipulating the displayed donation amount. By exploiting a bug, it is possible to alter the number shown on the stream to an extravagant amount, such as 99,999,999 dollars. This trickery creates the illusion of a generous donation when, in reality, it is merely a fabricated Twitch alert. The exploit can interrupt streams and cause confusion for streamers, as demonstrated by Jankos, who also received a series of fake million-dollar donations during a League of Legends stream.

Potential Consequences and Twitch’s Response

While experienced streamers may not be significantly harmed by this exploit, smaller creators could be more vulnerable to its malicious use. It could disrupt their streams and mislead viewers into thinking they have received substantial donations. Despite the significant impact of this bug, Twitch has yet to issue an official response to address this misleading trend. Streamlabs and Twitch need to work together to find a solution, as the exploit has the potential to undermine the trust and integrity of the platform.


The exploit that allows Twitch viewers to send fake million-dollar donations through Streamlabs has raised concerns among the streaming community. This bug, which can be a source of amusement for some viewers, poses a greater threat to smaller streamers who heavily rely on genuine donations. Twitch must take action to address this issue promptly and ensure the platform remains a secure and trustworthy environment for its content creators.


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