Two cousins defied odds of 250,000 to one by giving birth at the same time.

TWO cousins gave birth to babies with the same birthmark on the same day, at the same time.

Zeta Ally, 30, went into labor five weeks early and gave birth to her daughter Amena on March 7 at 3.21 p.m.


A week later than expected, cousin Emma, 36, gave birth to son Toby ten miles away.

According to Paddy Power, they beat odds of 250,000/1, which are similar to the odds of being struck by lightning.

On the backs of their necks, both babies have an “angel bite” birthmark.

“We both gave our children our grandparents’ middle names without knowing,” Zeta, of Woolwich, South East London, added. It’s strange.”

“We’re so lucky,” Emma, of nearby Orpington, added. Our kids are linked in ways we never imagined.”

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Zeta (left) went into labour five weeks early and gave birth at the same time as her cousin


Born at the same time, Toby and Amena share a special connection


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