Tyra Banks Unveils Empowering Beauty Secret: Embracing Ageless Glamour Instead of Going Under the Knife as 50th Birthday Looms


Tyra Banks Opens Up About Why She Won’t Have Plastic Surgery Anytime Soon

Candid Words from Tyra Banks

As the clock counts down to Tyra Banks’ milestone 50th birthday on December 4th, she had some candid words about why she won’t be getting plastic surgery anytime soon — but also won’t rule it out in the future. In an eye-opening interview with PEOPLE, Tyra revealed that she hasn’t had any age plastic surgery yet, but she’s not against it. She also expressed that she is not insecure about her looks, stating, “When I look in the mirror, I don’t see it.”

Feeling Forever Young

Tyra Banks, despite being just months away from turning 50, doesn’t feel her age. She firmly believes that 50 is the new 30s and when people ask about her age, she often uses it as an excuse or a reason to speak her mind. “I keep saying I’m 50 as an excuse,” she confessed. “Or, ‘I’m just going to tell you what I think because I’m 50.'” It’s clear that Tyra embraces her age and doesn’t let it define her or limit her choices.

Embracing Her Curves

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The legendary runway model and mom of one has experienced significant changes in her body over the years. Despite this, she feels empowered to model incredible clothing that fits her curves perfectly. Tyra acknowledges that she no longer has the body she used to have during her runway days, but she’s proud that she can still rock tailored pieces that accentuate her curves. Her recent collaboration with women’s clothing label Karen Millen is a testament to her confidence and empowerment.

Finding Pride in Her Clothing

Tyra Banks admitted that she sometimes doubts whether the clothes at a photoshoot will fit her properly or require tricks to make her look good. However, she proudly showcases her collection of beautiful clothes that fit her perfectly. She feels a sense of pride in finding clothes that flatter her figure, and it’s clear that she embraces her body as it is now.

A Low-Key Celebration

As her 50th birthday approaches, Tyra Banks has no desire for a big celebration. Rumored boyfriend Louis Bélanger-Martin had plans to throw her a huge birthday bash, but Tyra expressed her preference for a low-key celebration. She simply wants to go to Disneyland with her family and enjoy their company. It’s a reflection of Tyra’s down-to-earth and family-centered personality.


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