UK to purchase two “specialist ships” to guard against Russian underwater threats

Britain plans to purchase two specialized ships to defend against Russian underwater threats.

Following leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia to the EU, UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace stated on Sunday (October 2) that the country will proceed with the purchase.

While claiming “sabotage” caused damage to the Nord Stream pipelines, European nations have refrained from blaming the Kremlin specifically.

As Putin ships more missiles from Siberia, Russian television predicts a nuclear “Armageddon.”

On the other hand, Vladimir Putin has attributed the harm to the West.

European countries say the Nord Stream pipelines were damaged by 'sabotage' but have not directly blamed the Kremlin (stock image)

Wallace discussed the “mysterious damage” done to the pipelines while speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, but he made it clear that he believed Russia to be the main threat to the country’s infrastructure.

It should serve as a reminder to everyone of how vulnerable our infrastructure and economy are to such hybrid attacks, he said. Pipelines and cables are crucial for both our energy and internet. Russia is open about having the ability to attack such infrastructure.

Vladimir Putin has laid the blame for the damage at the feet of the West (stock image)

I’m able to say this because we recently committed to two specialized ships that can protect our pipelines and cables.

The second ship would be built in the UK, the Defense Minister added, and the first “multi-role survey ship for seabed warfare” would be purchased this year and operational by the end of the following year.

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