University Challenge contestant repeatedly ignores his teammate, igniting a sexism controversy.


Fans of University Challenge were outraged by a “sexist” contestant who continuously ignored his teammate.

Newcastle University and the Open University engaged in a competitive battle of wits on the Jeremy Paxman-hosted quiz show, but Newcastle’s Sam Keay got into trouble online.

After it was revealed that broadcaster Amol Rajan would succeed Paxman in 2023, the program returned for its most recent series, and Sam Keay seemed to consistently disregard suggestions from his female teammate.

As Jeremy Paxman departs, Amol Rajan has been confirmed as the new host of the University Challenge.

The Bedford native chose to enroll in a Masters program in film theory and practice, while his co-star Elizabeth Lamb chose to study linguistics with Japanese.

Uni Challenge

Viewers were outraged by their icy dynamic as Keay disregarded Lamb’s responses while the group discussed the challenging questions posed to them.

Every season of University Challenge features a man who doesn’t listen to the female team members, according to a Twitter user.

“F***’s sake Keay, try actually listening to Lamb, please,” yelled one person in rage.

Uni Challenge

One person countered, saying, “Keay needs to listen to Lamb and say what she tells him instead of what he wants to say.

“Will Keay kindly pay attention to Lamb? A fourth viewer remarked, “She’s giving him a lot more answers than the other two on the team, but of course she’s not a man so what does she know?

Throughout the episode, Lamb tried to explain to Keay that the answer to one question was “Cannes,” but he kept responding with “The Cannes.”


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If they were married, they would be divorcing in the morning, a fan chuckled at the exchange, adding: “I don’t think Lamb will ever talk to Keay again.”

Keay was the team’s captain and in charge of responding to Jeremy, but some viewers wondered why he was chosen as spokesperson given his unwillingness to respect his teammates or even hear their opinions.

With a laughing-crying emoji, one perplexed fan enquired, “How was Keay selected as captain?”

“Corruption!” someone else laughed.


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