Unleashing His Wealth: Discover the Astonishing Net Worth of DDG as He Continuously Flaunts His Wealth on Social Media


Rapper DDG Consistently Flexes Money on Social Media — What’s His Net Worth?

By Tatayana Yomary

Sep. 19 2023, Published 1:13 p.m. ET

Many people want to know DDG’s net worth. He shows off wads of cash online and has multiple hustles. His net worth is pretty hefty at $2 million.

The Gist:

DDG is one of few rappers in the YouTube lane. DDG is well on his way to becoming an entrepreneur. The rapper frequently shares opinions about being financially stable on social media.

DDG’s Net Worth Revealed

Depending on who you ask about rapper DDG (real name: Darryl Dwayne Grandberry Jr.), you’ll hear different opinions — from the rapper being a troll to him not being a suitable partner for Disney darling Halle Bailey. Although the rapper deals with a fair share of criticism online, he handles the chatter by trolling folks or simply ignores most of the talk. However, one thing DDG is consistent with is building his audience online with various social channels.

With that in mind, DDG is known to troll folks online for multiple reasons. Due to his coupledom with Halle, many folks like to run with the narrative that she’s the breadwinner in their relationship. As such, DDG frequently posts himself holding wads of cash online. So, folks are wondering how the rapper is doing in the financial department. Here’s what we know about his net worth.

DDG is sitting on a cushy net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, DDG has a net worth of $2 million. This figure directly reflects his work as a rapper, singer-songwriter, and YouTuber. While it isn’t common for rappers to step into the YouTuber lane, DDG has been part of the community for years. The site shares that DDG initially began his YouTube journey after dropping out of college. To date, he has created four successful channels: DDG, the DDG Family, PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS, and Zooted Music.

DDG’s Success in Multiple Lanes

Aside from DDG’s YouTube success, he also has a solid music career. DDG earned his first Billboard Hot 100 entry with “Moonwalking in Calabasas” at No. 82, has a gold-certified single, “Arguments,” and has made a plethora of hits with Bluface, Yachty, YG, and more. So, given DDG’s success in multiple lanes, it makes sense that he has a hefty net worth.

In addition to his music and YouTube channels, DDG is also an entrepreneur. He has his own clothing line called “Zooted Entertainment” and has his own merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. DDG’s entrepreneurial ventures contribute to his overall net worth and showcase his ambition to expand his brand beyond his music and online presence.

DDG’s Philanthropy

DDG posted two tweets about how women should be treated and giving back.

It’s quite common for some celebs to share their opinions about relationship dynamics and want to give back to others. So, when DDG took to Twitter to share his sentiments about how women should be treated, folks weren’t surprised.

If you’ve been keeping up with DDG and the hate he gets online, it’s common to hear that he isn’t on Halle’s level and he doesn’t know how to treat women. However, some folks believe that a man being able to take care of a woman comes with being financially set. So, when DDG frequently shows off wads of cash online, many people take it as a way to silence the haters.

In a Sept 18, 2023, tweet, DDG posted himself holding a wad of cash and tweeting to women how men are supposed to treat them. Of course, the tweet was met with major pushback about him not showing enough money to digs about him living with Halle.

In a follow-up tweet, DDG then asked folks to share their cash app tags to possibly donate money to folks in need.

So, given that DDG is in the giving spirit and has the means to do so, conversations about his finances should be null and void. However, it seems that as long as he dates Halle and makes problematic statements, he will be the subject of backlash online.


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