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“Is This a Joke?” — Job Listing Only Paying $15 an Hour Wants 20 Years’ Experience

“Is This a Joke?” — Job Listing Only Paying $15 an Hour Wants 20 Years’ Experience


Job searching can be a daunting and spirit-breaking process, especially when faced with job listings that require extensive experience but offer low compensation. One woman’s frustration with such a listing went viral on TikTok, highlighting the absurdity of a job that demands 20 years of experience but pays only $15 an hour. Let’s delve into the realities of job hunting, the mismatched expectations of this listing, and the speculations surrounding its true intentions.

The Struggles of Job Hunting

The job search process can be demoralizing, having to present one’s life accomplishments and skills to strangers who may evaluate candidates based on arbitrary criteria. Additionally, many companies utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS) that filter resumes based on specific keywords, making it even more challenging for applicants to stand out. Searching for a job while dealing with the aftermath of job loss further compounds the pain and stress individuals face. However, amidst these difficulties, one crucial factor in job postings catches everyone’s attention: payment.

The Shocking Discrepancy

A TikToker, @em.hudss, stumbled upon a job listing that seemed too good to be true. The posting advertised an administrative project manager position, requiring a whopping 20 years of experience but offering a mere $15 to $20 per hour. This substantial experience requirement coupled with the inadequate compensation raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the legitimacy and fairness of such a listing.

Unraveling the Listing

As @em.hudss pondered the absurdity of the job requirements, she brought up a valid point. It appeared that the position was more suitable for an administrative assistant supporting a project manager rather than someone actively fulfilling both roles. The demand for 20 years of experience in such a hybrid position, while offering such low pay, seemed unreasonable and disrespectful to professionals in both fields.

The Missing Details

Unfortunately, the TikTok video did not provide the complete job listing, leaving important questions unanswered. Is the position full-time? Does it include benefits? The absence of crucial information like healthcare coverage and time-off policies adds to the skepticism surrounding this job offer. Healthcare benefits for hourly employees are not a common practice, and the lack of transparency regarding these aspects raises further concerns about the overall compensation package.

A Typo or Intentional Insanity?

Speculation arose that the 20 years of experience mentioned in the listing might be a typographical error. While some suggested it should have been two years instead, a closer look at the requirements reveals that the listing specifically states a need for 10 years of administrative, proofing, and project management experience. This leaves us questioning whether the excessive requirements were intentional and whether there is more to this listing than meets the eye.

Unveiling a Sinister Strategy

Within the comments section, a theory emerged, suggesting that some companies create outrageous job posts as a way to comply with regulations while intentionally discouraging applicants. Some speculate that these companies might already have internal candidates in mind and are forced to advertise the position externally. This dubious strategy wastes the time and effort of job seekers, leaving them frustrated and deceived. The question remains, who enforces such peculiar regulations and who will manage this project better?


The viral TikTok video showcasing the absurdity of a job listing demanding 20 years of experience for a mere $15 an hour sparked discussions and speculation about the motivations behind such misleading offers. Job seekers face enough challenges during the job hunt, and encountering such listings adds unnecessary frustration to the process. Companies should strive for transparency and fairness in their job postings, ensuring that the requirements align with the compensation offered. It is crucial for regulators to address the issue of misleading job postings, protecting the interests of both employers and job seekers.

Disclaimer: This article is purely speculative and does not reflect confirmed or verifiable facts about the mentioned job listing.


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