Unstoppable Courage: Heroic Woman Rescues Child From Imminent Death in a Remarkable Restaurant Rescue


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You’re a Hero – Woman Saves a Child From Choking to Death at a Restaurant

Woman Saves a Child From Choking to Death at a Restaurant

A now-viral video shows a woman rushing into a restaurant and saving a little boy from choking to death. Stick around for more details.


When it comes to parental fears, one of the biggest is choking. It’s nerve-wracking and scary to give your little ones solid food; there’s a very real possibility that choking can occur at any time and at any age. But if you take the proper precautions, you can help reduce your child’s risk of choking.

Take it from TikTok creator Charis Putmon (@itscharislove), who recently shared footage of the time she saved a little boy from choking to death at a restaurant. We don’t know about you, but she’s a hero in our eyes!

The Heart-Stopping Moment

In the nearly 40-second video posted on TikTok, a mom holds her son in her arms before realizing he’s choking. She immediately sets him down, reaches into his mouth, and urges him to “spit it out.” Panicking, she calls for help as she and her husband do all they can to help their son.

Just when things seem dire, a group of people walk into the restaurant, and one of the women, Charis, springs into action to help. One of Charis’s friends tells the couple that she’s a nurse and will save their son — and that she does. Without hesitation, Charis performs the Heimlich maneuver on the child, and just seconds later, he spits out the item causing the obstruction.

The boy’s sobbing mom immediately embraces Charis as the rest of the group checks up on the young boy. In the end, everyone exchanges hugs — and we’re left crying at our phone screens.

Charis Putmon – A Hero Among Us

The viral video posted on September 10, 2023, has garnered over 15.2 million views and counting, with thousands of people praising Charis for her heroic actions. Many TikTokers left comments expressing their gratitude and admiration for her quick thinking and life-saving maneuver.

“How can you ever thank someone enough?!” one person wrote in the comment section, adding that Charis “did great with the Heimlich maneuver!” We couldn’t agree more.

A second TikTok user said, “The way your partner yells, ‘She’s a nurse!’ and they knew they could trust you.”

“Not hesitating and just stepping right in, you saved a life,” another person shared.

A fourth TikToker commented, “When it comes to your child, it’s like we lose everything we were taught! I know that’s how it is for me! I’m so glad he’s OK!”

“Thank God for good people,” one user exclaimed. “This is every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Someone else pointed out, “The way she hugged you, you saved HER life!”

“God bless that woman!” a TikTok user penned. “This is why it is so important to know CPR as a parent. I feel for that mama, the fear in her voice.”

Others revealed that the video brought them to tears.

“Now I’m crying,” one person stated, while a second TikTok user asked, “Am I the only me that cried when the hugging started? Thought so, LOL.”

A third user remarked, “This made me tear up! Sometimes strangers are the true heroes.”

“OMG I’m in tears, you absolute hero,” commented another viewer.


The heart-stopping video of Charis Putmon saving a little boy from choking to death at a restaurant went viral, capturing the attention and emotions of millions of people. It is a reminder of the importance of being prepared and the incredible impact quick thinking and action can have in saving a life. Charis’s heroic deed has touched the hearts of many and serves as an inspiration to always be ready to lend a helping hand.


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