Unveiling ‘Big Brother’ Bombshells: Get the Juicy Scoop on the Showstopping Veto Competition!


‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Here’s What Went Down in the Latest Veto Competition

Season 25 of Big Brother

Season 25 of Big Brother is off to a dramatic start. It doesn’t take long for alliances to form, even though in most seasons, the alliances shift from week to week. And this time around, the twists just keep coming.

But what fans want to know right now is if there are any Veto spoilers for Big Brother 25.

Details from the Live Feeds

Thanks to the live feeds, a lot of details about the game are released to the public before they make it to air. There’s only one live episode of Big Brother on TV per week, which means that viewers often know from the feeds who wins the Power of Veto, who is nominated for eviction, and sometimes who wins Head of Household before we see it on the show. And the Veto competition is no different.

Big Brother 25 Veto Ceremony Spoilers

According to spoilers from the live feeds ahead of the Sept. 20 episode of Big Brother, Jag wins the Week 7 Veto competition. With Jared as the HOH targeting Cory, but with America on the block next to him, that’s the best case scenario for her, since Jag has been aligned with America for quite a while.

After Cory played a role in flipping the house vote in Week 6 to get Izzy out of the house, Cory and Jared had a blowup. Now, Cory is Jared’s target. And if Jag removes America from the block, chances are, Jared will put up Cameron, who was instrumental in getting Izzy out of the house since he was the HOH in Week 6.

Jared’s Plan

The live feeds say that, although Jared seems only too happy to get Cory out if need be, his main target is Cameron with a backdoor move. And in order to do that, Jag using his Veto on America makes the most sense. Then, the house would vote in Jared’s favor to get Cameron out once and for all.

What’s Coming Next

The next eviction episode of ‘Big Brother’ airs on Thursday, Sept. 21. Anything can happen between the Veto ceremony and the live eviction episode. But right now, it looks like Cameron could follow Izzy out of the house. And after the eviction, the houseguests will once again be scrambling to figure out who wins HOH and which side of the house has the power, going into Week 8.

Tune in to ‘Big Brother’

Catch Big Brother on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.


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