Unveiling the Intriguing Connection Between ‘AHS’ Sensation Emma Roberts and Hollywood Icon Julia Roberts!


Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts: A Family Connection in Hollywood

When it comes to the world of acting, there are few families with as much star power as the Roberts family. While Julia Roberts has long been an acclaimed and beloved actress, her niece Emma Roberts has begun to make a name for herself in Hollywood as well. In this article, we will explore the connection between these two talented actresses and how their family ties have influenced their careers.

What is Emma Roberts’ relation to Julia Roberts?

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Julia Roberts’ brother, Eric Roberts. This makes Julia Emma’s aunt. Both Julia and Eric are successful actors themselves, and their influence played a significant role in Emma’s decision to pursue an acting career. Growing up in a family filled with creativity, Emma found inspiration on the set of her aunt’s film, Erin Brockovich, which fueled her passion for acting.

Emma Roberts fondly remembers her time on set, recalling how she would hide in Julia’s makeup trailer and soak in the creative atmosphere. She describes it as a summer camp experience that ignited her desire to become an actress.

With the support and encouragement of her family, Emma Roberts embarked on a journey to become an actor. While she faced a few setbacks along the way, her determination to succeed never wavered. One such setback was not landing the role of Wendy in the movie Peter Pan, but it only fueled her desire for stardom.

Undeterred by rejection, Emma Roberts remained focused on her dream. She recalls her mother suggesting she take a break from acting and focus on being a kid, but Emma was determined to pursue her shot at glory.

Are Julia and Emma Roberts in any movies together?

Embracing their shared talent and passion for acting, Julia and Emma Roberts have appeared in a couple of movies together. One notable film is Valentine’s Day. Although they didn’t have scenes together, both actresses were part of the star-studded cast. Another movie that features both Roberts actresses is Grand Champion, a 2010 film. Additionally, Emma made a small cameo appearance in the 2001 movie America’s Sweethearts.

Emma Roberts had a full circle moment in her career when she had the opportunity to work with Richard Gere, who had previously collaborated with her aunt Julia. Emma has always been a fan of Gere’s films, particularly Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman. Working with Gere felt like a significant milestone in her journey as an actress.

When asked if she felt like her aunt was passing the torch to her, Emma responded that it wasn’t something they had discussed directly. However, she expressed her excitement about working with Gere, highlighting her admiration for the movies he had made with Julia Roberts, such as Runaway Bride.

How old are Julia Roberts’ children?

Julia Roberts is not only a talented actress but also a loving mother. She has three children with her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder, whom she met on the set of The Mexican. Julia and Danny got married in 2002 and are proud parents to three children: Hazel, who is now 18 years old, and twins Phinnaeus and Henry, who are both 16 years old. Julia’s dedication to motherhood is one of the reasons she took a hiatus from Hollywood to prioritize spending time with her family. Being there for her children during their formative years was incredibly important to her.

Julia Roberts cherishes her role as a homemaker and considers herself immensely proud to be able to create a loving environment for her family. When it comes to choosing acting projects, Julia exercises high standards, carefully considering the impact it will have on her husband’s work schedule and her children’s school and vacation plans. Family always comes first in her life.

As a result of her commitment to her family, Julia Roberts had difficulty finding scripts that met her expectations until she came across Ticket to Paradise. The movie, written and directed by Ol Parker, finally offered the level of writing and entertainment she had been seeking, reminiscent of her beloved films like Notting Hill and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

In conclusion, the connection between Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts goes beyond sharing the same last name. They are family and have a deep bond rooted in their love for acting. While Julia has achieved legendary status in Hollywood, Emma is carving her own path and creating a name for herself. And with the support and inspiration they find within their family, both actresses continue to captivate audiences around the world.


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