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So Wait, Darkest Man Got Married and Didn’t Tell Nobody? Details on the Wedding

OMG — social media comedian Darkest Man had a secret wedding and won’t tell us who his wife is. Let’s get to the bottom of it …

Sep. 19 2023, Published 6:24 p.m. ET

The gist:

Popular YouTuber Darkest Man shocked social media with pictures from his wedding. Wedding guests shared footage from the wedding but the bride was nowhere to be found. Darkest Man refused to disclose his wife’s identity to the public so internet sleuths investigated.

Parodies and pulling pranks: that’s the name of the game for YouTube comedian Darkest Man.

In the years since he first launched his channel, both he and his brother from another mother, Chunkz, have amassed a cult fanbase who follow their every move.

But apparently, we missed something … because Darkest Man is married. Given that we didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, the news came as a shock to the entire internet. Now, fans want the tea.

Like, who is Darkest Man’s wife? Where did she come from? And why didn’t we get a wedding invite?

Source: Instgaram/@darkestman

British comedian Darkest Man shared photos from his wedding and social media in shambles.

Out of the blue, Darkest Man posted pictures from his wedding and sent social media into a tizzy. Some of the influencer’s wedding guests also posted photos and videos from the event, which turned out to be a real-life lituation.

The guestlist included his cousin Chunkz and his “brother” and partner in pranks, Harry Pinero.

“My brother showed up for me on my special day. Alhamdulilah for all of them. Alhamdulilah for being alive to see this day and Alhamdulilah for my other half couldn’t be happier,” Darkest wrote a sentimental post on Instagram in late September of 2023.

But people noticed that Darkest Man’s bride was nowhere to be found in the wedding footage that was posted on social media.

Darkest Man isn’t going to tell you who his wife is — so stop asking.

One way or another, internet sleuths will always find out the truth. However, the internet-savvy detectives may have met their match when it comes to Darkest Man. No matter how hard you scrub social media, you’ll only pictures of the groom and attendees.

Details about Darkest Man’s bride are far and few between. And per his requests, it’s gonna stay that way.

The comedian added in his viral wedding announcement: “Also for those of you who are losing sleep trying to figure out who she is ask your mum to raise you again. Just playing. [A] private life is a good life.”

“Love you all very much,” he added. Although some of us still want the 4-1-1, most of Darkest Man’s fans respect his stance on the matter.

Source: YouTube/@darkestman2128

“Guys, digging and looking for this man’s wife which he [chooses] to keep private is not only disrespectful but disturbing,” one fan commented under Darkest Man’s post.

“He’s the one in the public eye not her, she should be able to shop and live life and have a private life and that’s clearly what he also wants for her and them,” they added. “Leave her alone, stop searching, stop being invasive. Sharing pictures of his wedding should be enough let alone the announcement.”

And we couldn’t have said it better. Move along, folks! It looks like there’s no tea to sip here.


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