Unwavering Love: Christine Brown Applauds Devoted Partner David Woolley for Respecting Her Heart, Unlike Kody Brown’s Games


Christine Brown Finds Love with David Woolley After Split from Kody Brown

Christine Brown wants Kody Brown to know that she’s happier than ever. She’s found the love of her life in David Woolley and made sure to give him a shoutout and diss Kody in the process after the Sept. 17 episode of Sister Wives.

Christine’s Proclamation of Love

“I’m excited to be marrying @david__woolley, he loves spending time with me every day, doesn’t play games with my heart and wants me to be me. #grateful #soulmate #noplayinggames #loveofmylife,” Christine, 51, wrote on Instagram.

The Fallout of Kody and Janelle’s Fight

Christine’s post about David came just a couple of hours after the latest episode of Sister Wives. Kody, 54, continued to deal with the fallout of his massive fight with Janelle Brown, 54. Christine weighed in about how the family was never the same after Robyn Brown, 44, entered the picture because Kody always put Robyn before the other wives.

Christine’s Thoughts on Her Sister Wives

“I was a great sister wife to Janelle. Meri [Brown], not so much, but I don’t think he cares about Meri. He’s basically saying because you’re not the best sister wife with Robyn I’m not interested in having a relationship with you,” Christine said. She went on to say, “He’s full of sh*t, I’m sorry. That’s ridiculous.”

Kody’s Different Perspective

Meanwhile, Kody took an entirely different angle with this situation and claimed he shared his time “equally” with all his wives. “I wanted Christine to be better to everybody and about everybody,” he said. “There was a lot of complaining about the whole experience of plural marriage, and somehow or another she’s morphed it to Robyn. It wasn’t about Robyn. It was about her whole experience in plural marriage with other wives.”

The Robyn and Christine Dynamic

Robyn revealed that she “tried very hard to be kind” to Christine over the years and extended an “olive branch” several times to her. “All she ever told me was, ‘I’m just jealous of you,’” Robyn said.

Christine’s Frustration with Kody’s Preferences

Christine noted that she’s always been vocal about how she’s always felt that Kody preferred Robyn over the other wives. Christine also admitted that she would have “rejected” any kind of friendship with Robyn. “If Robyn approached me and wanted to be friends I would have not been friends still because I couldn’t trust her,” Christine said.

New Beginnings for Christine

After splitting from Kody after 27 years together, Christine has entered a new chapter of her life. One that does not involve plural marriage. She began dating David, and she went public with their relationship in Feb. 2023. The couple got engaged in April 2023.


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