Upsetting new details emerge about the death of model Jeff Thomas, who allegedly “fell to his death while taking a selfie” in his Miami apartment.


A model’s agency has speculated that his client was taking a selfie when he tragically fell to his death.

On March 8th, Jeff Thomas’s body was discovered in the basement of his Miami, Florida, apartment building.


The model's agent, Luli Batista, suggested that Thomas may have fallen off his balcony while taking a selfie


His agent speculated that he may have fallen off his balcony while taking a selfie, but the official cause of death has not been determined.

The police are still looking into the incident as a possible suicide, but there are many theories about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Luli Batista, of the Sovereign Talent Group in Los Angeles, was shocked to learn of the model’s untimely death.

I just don’t think he would do something like that on purpose. The Batista speculated that he might have been hurt when he tripped while trying to take a selfie, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Heartbreaking last 'ashes' post of model Jeff Thomas before his tragic death
Top model & influencer dies at 35 in suspected suicide after 'fall from home'

She also mentioned that the day before he died, they had talked on the phone and joked about an upcoming audition.

They were supposed to talk again on Friday.

He was so excited to tell me about his new life in Miami. It was obvious that he was overjoyed and pleased with himself. “He was just loving life; he was happy, motivated, and looking forward to his next step,” she said.

Family members of Thomas, 35, have hinted in a series of social media posts that he may have committed suicide.

According to Thomas’s older brother, Skylar Ray Thomas, his sibling struggled with an onslaught of substance abuse and mental health issues.

You all know that Jeff went all over the world and experienced everything it had to offer.

Jeff “suffered from addiction and mental health challenges, which ultimately led to his tragic passing,” he wrote.

While Meghan Rae, his cousin, told the Daily Mail that she understood his struggles with substance abuse, she did not believe that suicide was the cause of death.

“This was not a suicide,” she said.

To say otherwise would be an affront to his person and life.

She then asked for privacy for the family and said the rumors were false and defamatory.

Thomas’s modeling career was a smashing success, as evidenced by his more than 120,000 Instagram followers.

His “new ink,” which read “resilience,” was featured in a black and white photo on his forearm, which he posted about last week.

The fashion model also appears in photos next to the likes of Megan Fox and Nicole Scherzinger.

The model’s impressive resume also included the establishment of an art consulting firm called One Popsicle.

Even though an autopsy has been performed on his body, authorities have not yet confirmed what killed him.

Thomas displayed his recent tattoo that read "Resilience" on Instagram last week


The model boasted over 120,000 followers on Instagram


In addition to modeling success,  Thomas founded an art consulting company called One Popsicle


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