Uri Geller, a spoon bender, claims that his grandkids have inherited his ability to move objects.


According to Uri Geller, his grandchildren have inherited his psychic abilities and have the ability to mentally move objects.

The well-known spoonbender also asserts that Liya, 3, and Romi, 6, use telepathy to communicate with him in Tel Aviv, Israel, from their home in Los Angeles.

He claimed that when they see the two kids, stray cats become “mesmerized” by them and freeze in place.

In an odd Russia warning, Uri Geller promises to use “mind power” to deflect Putin’s nuclear weapons

Romi has reportedly been observed playing with bent spoons while also moving a glass of water with her mind, according to Uri.

Uri Geller and grandkids

He now believes that the two could be members of a new generation of spiritual leaders who were created to bring about a Golden Age for the planet.

“I occasionally see spoon bending, but I’m not sure if they did it physically or mentally,” said Uri, 75. They are unquestionably telepathic, though. They have incredible intuition and are mind readers.

“When we were in a restaurant, Liya baffled me. She used mental force to move the cup. It was exceptional. I’m not sure if they will continue to experience this psychic force or if it will pass as they mature.

Uri Geller and grandchildren

“When other people witness their psychic demonstrations, they are shocked.”

After witnessing their fаther’s аbilities аs they were growing up, his fаmily does not, however, consider it unusuаl.

“I thought everyone’s dаd could do stuff like thаt аnd everyone’s pаrent wаs on television,” sаid Nаtаlie, the dаughter.

But my dаughters don’t seem to cаre аbout it аt аll, аs I cаn see. It’s encourаging to see their unfаzed demeаnor.


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