Vicki Gunvalson Erases Captivating Post after DUI by Shannon Beador; Don’t miss the intriguing twist!

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Fans are telling former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson to “read the room”.

The OG RHOC cast member took some heat online for her September 18 Instagram post. Hours after the news broke that Gunvalson’s RHOC co-star and friend Shannon Beador had been arrested for an alleged DUI hit and run in Newport Beach, California, Gunvalson’s Instagram account shared a photo of herself with Beador and castmate Tamra Judge to promote the trio’s upcoming Tres Amigas live comedy shows.

“Come #whoopitup with THE TRES AMIGAS in person for our third live show! We’ll be at the Stand Up Live!” Gunvalson’s caption read, going on to add “Check out the show alone, or join us for a pre-show cocktail party or post-show meet and greet! 🍸”

According to Page Six, Gunvalson deleted the post 15 minutes after originally sharing it, however, she re-posted it one hour later. The image has since been deleted permanently from her profile.

Fans React to Vicki Gunvalson’s ‘Tone Deaf’ Instagram Post

According to Page Six, comments on Gunvalson’s post included, “Kind of tone deaf but the picture of orange jumpsuits is a nice touch,” and, “I’m not sure Shannon will be in the mood to party and drink.”

Although Gunvalson’s post has been deleted, one fan screenshotted the post and shared it to a Bravo fan page on Reddit, captioning their post, “Omg Victoria. Read the room 😭”. Fans on Reddit also took time to comment their reactions to Gunvalson’s post.

“I really doubt this lady runs her own social media. Somebody come get their intern!” one fan commented, suggesting Gunvalson may not have been behind the post despite it appearing on her profile.

Many users subscribed to this same theory, with other comments reading, “And that’s what happens when you let your team preschedule all your social media posts,” and “I’m sure it was a scheduled post but she (or her team) still should’ve delayed it.”

“I’m sure it was a scheduled post, but the timing is comical,” another fan added.

Tamra Judge Shared a Post Following Shannon Beador’s Arrest

Gunvalson and Beador’s fellow Tres Amigas member Judge shared a post of her own with Beador following the news of Beador’s arrest.

Judge did not say much in her September 18 post’s caption, simply writing “♥️” next to a photo of herself, Gunvalson, and Beador holding one another in a hug. Judge shared the photo across her social media platforms, restricting followers and fans from commenting on the post on Instagram.

The Bravo fan account Queens of Bravo reposted Judge’s photo, however, and fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the situation.

“Shannon has to take a look at herself especially after this and the season and really focus on getting herself back … David and John did a number on her mental” one user wrote.

“This is so unserious 😭 you’d think sumn happened to Shannon as if she was the victim in that situation” another fan added.

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Vicki Gunvalson’s Controversial Instagram Post: Fan Reactions and Tamra Judge’s Response

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson faced backlash for a recent Instagram post that seemed insensitive given the circumstances. Here’s what happened and how fans reacted.

The Instagram Post Amid Controversy

On September 18, Vicki Gunvalson shared a photo on Instagram promoting the upcoming Tres Amigas live comedy shows. The photo featured Gunvalson with her RHOC co-star Shannon Beador and castmate Tamra Judge. However, the post received criticism due to its timing.

Just hours before Gunvalson’s post, news broke that Beador had been arrested for an alleged DUI


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