Vikings’ Ed Ingram on Alert After Team Nabs Coveted Free Agent: Insider Report!


After inviting Dalton Risner to training camp in August, the Minnesota Vikings have followed through by signing the prized veteran guard weeks after his initial visit. Sources have reported that the Vikings are signing free agent Dalton Risner, providing valuable experience to Minnesota’s offensive line.

The Vikings initially hosted Risner for a visit at the start of training camp but allowed him to leave without a contract. However, several injuries to the offensive line have prompted the team to sign the former Denver Broncos guard.

Risner proved his worth last season, finishing tied for ninth in run-block win rate among guards. Pro Football Focus also graded him as the third-best guard available in free agency. With his impressive track record, Risner is expected to make an impact on the Vikings’ offensive line.

The signing of Risner also puts guard Ed Ingram on notice. Despite leading the league in pressures last season, Ingram has struggled in his second season, allowing a sack and multiple pressures in the first two games. With Risner’s arrival, there is a strong possibility that Ingram’s starting role could be in jeopardy.

In training camp, Risner was asked about his ability to play both guard spots, as he primarily played as a left guard in Denver. The coaching staff feels confident in his ability to adapt, and they plan to utilize him in whichever position he can contribute the most.

One area where the Vikings could benefit greatly from Risner’s presence is in their running game. ESPN’s Kevin Seifert noted that the offensive line has not created much room for running back Alexander Mattison, resulting in below-average yards before contact. Risner’s strong run-blocking abilities could provide the much-needed boost to the Vikings’ running game.

As the Vikings move forward with Risner as a key addition to their offensive line, it remains to be seen how quickly he will earn a starting role. However, his experience, skill set, and ability to impact both the running and passing games make him a valuable asset to the team.

In conclusion, the signing of Dalton Risner by the Minnesota Vikings brings important depth and experience to their offensive line. With injuries and underperformance affecting the line, Risner’s addition is expected to provide a significant boost. It remains to be seen how quickly he will establish himself as a starter, but his track record and versatility suggest that he will make a positive impact on the team. The Vikings’ running game, in particular, could benefit greatly from Risner’s presence. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how Risner’s addition transforms the Vikings’ offensive line and improves their overall performance.


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