Vikings Make Surprising Decision on Rising Star’s Destiny Following Dalton Risner’s Arrival – Prepare to be Astonished!


The Vikings made a bold move by signing Dalton Risner after their rough 0-2 start to the season. While this signing could be seen as a way to salvage the season, it may also signal the end of guard Ed Ingram’s career as a starter in the NFL. Arif Hasan of Wide Left weighed in on the implications of this move, suggesting that if the Vikings are bringing in a rookie offensive lineman to replace Ingram, it could mean they have given up on him in the long term.

It’s worth noting that the Vikings had Risner in for a visit during training camp, so their decision to sign him now and potentially replace Ingram could come under scrutiny. Hasan questions why the Vikings would let Risner walk out of the building during training camp if they considered him a starting-quality lineman. Perhaps Risner’s asking price dropped, but it’s unclear why the Vikings didn’t pursue him earlier.

Risner, 28, agreed to a one-year, $4 million deal on September 18, making him the highest-paid guard on the Vikings roster. This suggests that the Vikings have big plans for him and likely don’t intend to pay him that much to be a backup. Risner has the potential to fill several spots on the Vikings’ offensive line, including both guard positions and potentially even center or right tackle.

Last season, Risner ranked ninth in run-block win rate among guards and earned high grades from Pro Football Focus. His pass-blocking abilities are particularly impressive, making him an all-around improvement over Ingram. The Vikings may be looking to upgrade their offensive line and bring in a consistent and skilled player like Risner.

However, the potential replacement of Ingram also highlights the disappointment of the Vikings’ 2022 draft class. Many of the players selected in that class, including Ingram, have not lived up to expectations. It’s clear that the Vikings’ front office made some questionable decisions in that draft, trading away the 12th overall pick and failing to find impact players.

In conclusion, the Vikings’ signing of Dalton Risner after their poor start to the season could have significant implications for guard Ed Ingram’s future with the team. Risner brings consistency and skill to the offensive line, and the Vikings may be looking to make a much-needed upgrade. However, the disappointing performance of the 2022 draft class raises questions about the team’s decision-making and ability to find impact players. Only time will tell if Risner can help turn the Vikings’ season around and solidify his role as a starter in the NFL.


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