Viral Commotion Unleashed Online by Woman’s Fierce Response to a TikToker’s Encounter at IHOP


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The Internet Can’t Stop Talking About Woman’s Bitter Reaction to a TikToker at IHOP

By Kelly Corbett | Sep. 18 2023, Published 12:35 p.m. ET | Source: TikTok / @addictedtoana

IHOP Pancake Dance Girl

Imagine filming a TikTok video of you genuinely excited about something, but when you replay the footage, you notice another woman in the background scowling at you. That’s what happened to one TikToker who was trying to capture the exciting moment she got her food at IHOP. Little did she know that when she shared this video, the woman in the background would become the main character to most viewers.

The Internet Praises the Woman in the Background

A woman named Ana (@addictedtoana) recently shared a video on TikTok of her at IHOP. “My hangryness leaving my body at the moment I have my food,” she wrote in the text of the eight-second clip, where she’s seen smiling and dancing while seated in an IHOP booth as the server puts a plate of pancakes in front of her.

While the video was centered around Ana’s joy about receiving her food, it was hard not to notice one of the customers in the background. Sitting in a booth across from Ana was another woman who didn’t seem to share Ana’s love for pancakes. In fact, the woman looked as if she was judging Ana for filming a video of it. Ana noticed this woman, too, and acknowledged her in her caption. “The best part of this video is the woman judging me,” she wrote.

In the comment section, it appeared that viewers looked right past Ana and directly at the woman in the background. “She’s like ‘it’s IHOP…, chill,'” wrote one user. Another wrote: “The girl in the back is so real for that.” In fact, the majority of users in the comment section claimed they related to the grimacing woman in the back.

But a few folks pointed out how it was sad that the woman couldn’t just let Ana have fun. “People really can’t be minding their own business when they see someone else happy smh enjoy your pancakes girly,” read one comment. Another comment read: “I will never understand why people get irritated at other people’s happiness.”

Ana Makes a Follow-Up TikTok

Ana made a follow-up TikTok where she tried to understand the other woman’s perspective. “POV: when a customer that came after you gets their food first,” she wrote in her new video, which contained the same footage as the original video, except this time, the camera zoomed in on the woman in the background.

For viewers who might not have gone through Ana’s comment section, TikTok user @realshaftandi created a video where he highlighted a seemingly racist response Ana wrote to another user.

The user, like many others who watched the video, claimed that he identified with the woman in the background of Ana’s video. In response to him, Ana wrote: “For a Black guy hating on another person that’s food for thought, society doesn’t make you suffer with hate too? Interesting.”

Users were confused as to why she noted his race. In fact, many users interpreted Ana’s comment to mean that, if the user was Black, he was part of a minority group and should understand what it’s like to be judged. This user wrote back to her: “Wow, so not only are you a cringelord but you’re racist AF too.”

Speaking to Insider, Ana, who is Brazilian, claimed that the language barrier means that sometimes her wording may be confusing. However, she did confirm to the outlet that she was essentially nodding to his race as he should know what it’s like to be a part of a minority.

“What I meant was as being part of the minority — you know, as me being a woman, he being Black, or a trans person — hating on strangers on the internet is something that I don’t swallow very well. It’s like, man, the society hated on you your entire life, and this is what you spread?” she said.

She also added: “I thought that being part of the minorities makes us better, in a way that we don’t do to nobody what they do to us our entire lives.”

Ana has yet to publicly address the backlash she has received for the comment. Perhaps the best takeaway we can all learn from this video is to not judge others.


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