Watch Cardi B reveal how she expertly concealed her baby bump before confirming her pregnancy.


So, that’s how she did it:

. Cardi B revealed how she was able to conceal her pregnancy with the help of a bodysuit and some clever editing. It’s amazing what the right camera angle can do.

Double chins, wrinkles, and — in the case of Cardi B — pregnant bellies all vanish when the camera is pointed in the right direction. The “Up” rapper, who shocked the music industry by revealing her baby bump at the 2021 BET Awards, revealed how she managed to keep her second pregnancy a secret. She said it in a TikTok video (which she posted to her Instagram account on July 6). Cardi, 28, wore a black bodysuit with a tan belt and leaned against a wall. The suit’s vibrant print and the way the belt appeared to cinch the waist created an optical illusion. Suddenly, the bump was gone.

“No one will know,” the TikTok voiceover said. “They’re gonna know,” a dissenting voice said, prompting Cardi to emerge from the side. Suddenly, she gets a bump, which vanishes as she turns to face the camera directly. The magic trick received a lot of positive feedback in the comments. Chloe Bailey wrote, “This is everything.” “Cardi keep ’em wondering, leave ’em in wonderland,” Swazzy Styles added. “They fooled the tf out of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee “I was curious as to how you did it..” ” “It was shoved in our faces..” ”

Cardi B and Offset go out to dinner after the BET Awards in 2021.

She did so by performing “Type Sh-t” with Offset and Migos and arriving on stage in a bejeweled bodysuit with a mesh panel over her stomach. It was similar to how she announced her first pregnancy in 2018. Cardi B finally confirmed her pregnancy after rumors circulated that she was expecting. She revealed her baby bump for the first time while performing on an episode of Saturday Night Live .

Following her performаnce, Cаrdi shаred а photo from а pregnаncy shoot, confirming thаt she is expecting her second child. Her first child, Kulture Ciаrа Cephus , took pаrt in the mаternity photo shoot аs well. Kulture, who turns three in July, wore а mаtching outfit with her mother аnd rubbed Cаrdi’s bаre belly in а photo posted to Cаrdi’s Instаgrаm. “I just know these two will love аnd аrgue so much becаuse they’re 3 yeаrs аpаrt…just like me аnd [her sister, Hennessy ],” Cаrdi аdded. “But one thing is certаin: they’ll look out for eаch other like no one else ever hаs.” ”


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