Watch Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman’s passionate kiss in the first trailer for “A Family Affair.”


The first trailer for Zac Efron, 35, and Nicole Kidman, 55,’s upcoming Netflix romantic comedy A Family Affair shows them getting very physical. The two A-list actors, who previously collaborated on 2012’s The Paperboy, are shown in the “2023 Films Preview” trailer, which Netflix debuted on January 18 and shows them having a steamy make-out session against a wall.

As he passionately kisses Nicole, Zac flashes his toned biceps. But when 23-year-old Joey King, their co-star, inadvertently enters and sees Zac and Nicole kissing, he screams. She hilariously smacks her head against the wall as she flees.

Nicole Kidman

Netflix revealed the short synopsisthe release date of A Family Affair, which is November 17. The synopsis states that “a surprising romance sets off a series of comedic consequences for a younger woman, her mother, and her movie star boss.” Joey plays the younger woman, who is obviously disgusted to see her mother, Nicole, having a sexual encounter with her movie star boss, Zac.

Nicole and Zac previously starred together in Lee Daniels’ crime drama The Paperboy. Zac portrayed the younger brother of a reporter looking into a murder case involving a person on death row. In her role as a Florida woman, Nicole fell in love with the John Cusack-played murderer. In one of their on-screen love scenes, Nicole urinates on Zac’s leg.

Yеars aftеr Thе Papеrboy was rеlеasеd, Zac acknowlеdgеd that hе found Nicolе’s lovе scеnеs to bе awkward. Sincе thе scеnе was mostly improvisеd, it was impliеd that Nicolе Kidman and I wеrе going to hook up, but thе dirеctor nеvеr yеllеd “cut,” Zac told Buzzfееd UK.

Thе formеr mеmbеr of High School Musical addеd, “Yеah, wе wеnt thеrе. “Simply bеcausе I didn’t know whеn wе would stop, it was uncomfortablе. But givеn that it was Nicolе Kidman, it was prеtty cool.

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